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Vagifem - will this low of dose make a person gain weight?

Posted 7 Apr 2012 by jano627 1 answer

I just started taken this medicine..Vagifem 10mg. will it make a person gain weight..

Can you have sex while using vagifem?

Posted 11 Feb 2010 by mike1962 1 answer

If I have just inserted a vagifem tablet can I have sex an hour later

Is it ok to take Vagifem before intercourse only, and not as often as prescribed?

Posted 23 Dec 2015 by Westlake118 5 answers

I have been prescribed Vagifem for vaginal dryness and discomfort. How long after taking the tablet is it ok to have sex? Also, I have taken my first dose, and noticed a good amount of moisture, and am wondering if I actually need to take the recommended dose ( every day for 2 weeks, then twice a ...

I have been taking vagifem for about 5 or 6 years I am 66 and recently saw a gynaecologist regarding

Posted 21 Oct 2015 by Bunny hop 1 answer

... a vaginal bulge. He told me I didn't need surgery but should reduce my use of Vagifem from twice a week to once every two weeks, reducing further to once a month and by 72 should not be taking it at all. I feel that I couldn't cope with the discomfort if I am unable to use Vagifem and ...

I've started taking Vagifem as I'd like to become sexually active again, how long for it to work?

Posted 1 Sep 2016 by Mnordahl 1 answer

How long did you take before it made a difference for your comfort level during sex? Anyone notice a difference in sensation? I'm 10 yrs postmenopausal and the last 3 years not wanting to have sex due to this problem which I hope will be remedied. Some of the side effects scare me. What have ...

Does Vagifem only help with symptoms like vaginal dryness/itching, or other other menopausal?

Posted 18 May 2016 by jenny724342 4 answers

... symptoms as well such as moodiness, hot flushes, headaches, acne, insomnia etc?

I get it about the packaging, but what I REALLY want to know, is does Yuvafem work?

Posted 18 days ago by norcalwoman8 0 answers

Aside from the packaging issue, I would like to know if Yuvafem works as well as or better than Vagifem? Or, even how it works in general. And, any side effects that were experienced.

I am trying to decide to use Estrace cream or Vagifem tablets as do not want parabens ...

Posted 2 Apr 2017 by odacva 1 answer

... and sodium lauryl sulfate. It is for dryness. Thank you. I am in my mid 60's. I am leaning more to the tablets 10 mcg. Is that equivalent to the 1 gm for Estrace?

I have been on Vagifem for 4 months had intercourse this morning didn't have any pain or discomfort?

Posted 23 Jan 2017 by 123hatchery 0 answers

... but there was blood. Could you tell me why?

Can I use Vagifem and take estradol at the same time?

Posted 22 Feb 2017 by Minimeinside 0 answers

I take estradol and suffer vaginal dryness can I use vagifem as well

Having completed initial two weeks of vagifem do I need to continue with maintenance twice a week.?

Posted 15 Jul 2016 by Elliejasp1 1 answer

... Am having pains in stomach and frequent urinating

Is it okay to use Vagifem in the morning and not at night?

Posted 23 Sep 2016 by Cbrear 0 answers

I forget to use Vagifem at night I think it's because I am so tired but I do remember in the morning. Is this okay?

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