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Can I let Tums dissolve in mouth or must they be chewed??

Zithromax Z-Pak - can Tums (antacids) be taken with Z-Pak?

I was prescribed ranitidine for acid reflux and stopped taking it. I felt like it made my symptoms?

with acid reflux worse. I use tums on occasion. My doctor didn't seem to happy about my decision since I have other medicines that I take also on a daily basis. I wasn't sure if it was a drug interaction. I would like to stay away from prescription medicine b/c of my health issues. Acid... read more

Pepto-Bismol - How long does this stay in your system?

My stomach hurts bad enough I don’t just want Tums, but I’m breastfeeding. I have breast milk stored and could give my baby a bottle and just pump-n-dump while it leaves my system, but I need to know when it’d be out of my system?

What is the best drug for nausea, mylanta, tums or pepto-bismol?

I am taking lots of medication following a heart attack. Could the drugs be causing my nausea

I have IBS, acid reflux, hiatus hernia and diverticulitis. I think now I've got Crohn's?

... disease what is good for these symptoms? I don't take anything except for tums and I eat them like candy when I have a flare up.

I have had this pain in my upper torso, right below my diaphram?

it runs side to side, by my rib cage and right in the middle between my rib cages. I cannotseem to get rid of thiss pain no matter what I take. Tums, acid reducers, gas x, rainditine, you name it. I have now had it for 3 days. I have had it in the past, never figured it out then either, but this... read more

What do I need to know about Drug Interactions?

Can you take tums with seizure medication?

When you take tums along with seizure medication does it stop the seizure medication from workin corrrectly so you could have a seizure.

Can taking Tums cause stools to be dark or black?

Does tums react with pepcid?

Blood thinner : Xarel 20mg can it be taken with antacids ie; tums?

my son of 24 yrs has been sick with first Juviniel Arythritis (systemic) which eventually went in remission?? sorta , But recently had a flare up which at his age is now called Adult-onset Stills disease. while in the hospital with 38000 plus white blood cell count they detected a blood clot in (or... read more

Does warfarin interact with tums?

My interact dropped from 3.0 to 2.4 in just one day after taking tums for acidity.

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