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Is pepto-bismal or tums better For nausea stomach due to Anxiety?

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Inactive 3 Jan 2014

I like pepto bismal though I am not supposed to use any salicylates as I have Afib Calcium Carbonate... ie aTums is fine also Perhaps Prilosec/omeprazole a proton pump inhibitor and ranitidine or famotidine H2 antagonists would help

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endlessPred 2 Jan 2014

Be careful with pepto. If you have any type of heart problem or take medications which can't be with magnesium supplements, try the tums. If you have an ulcer or any rectal bleeding do not take it at all as it blackens the stool,and you may not see inner bleeding. Don't take daily. Since nausea can really be a sign of other problems, talk with your doctor. And see if something else is needed. There are very good anti nausea meds out there.,they do,help with this condition.

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Inactive 1 Jan 2014

They will both help relieve stomach upset. What is really good for stress and anxiety is Passion Flower Tea, the tea works similar to xanax.

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Kitty 31 Dec 2013

I take pepto-bismal. I have also taken a small dose of Xanax.

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JonNOVA 31 Dec 2013

Probably pepto but frankly none of that stuff ever helped my anxiety nausa. Once I got on me meds it did go away. Also laying in bed on my back helped me. However as we all know by how our bodies accept different meds- we are all different. See also:

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