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Is a 10mgs of Melatonin excessive, and would Melatonin hinder my ability to wake-up to an alarm?

Posted 20 Nov 2012 by Clint-Sommers 8 answers

I am a member of the U.S. Navy, that being said I have to wake-up at a specific time and be on time always(my command has a zero tolerance for being late and will not hesitate to write you up.) I am wondering if I take a 10mg dose of Melatonin is that going to hinder my ability to wake-up to an ...

Weight gain on Topamax?

Posted 23 Jul 2014 by Maryland2014 10 answers

I started taking Topamax to control my migraines. Since I have a very low tolerance to medication, I was only taking 25mg per day. My migraines stopped, along with any sinus pain & pressure. However, I instead of losing weight blew up like a balloon. Has anyone else experienced weight gain on ...

I just changed my Zoloft dosage and feeling anxious does a 25 mg increase make this happen?

Posted 1 Jan 2018 by Star71 3 answers

I have been on Zoloft for 5+ years. I started to feel like it was not working. Not sure if it was the dark long winter days or just that I built up a tolerance. My Dr increased my dose from 50 to 75 mg. Day 1-6 no noticeable change but the last 5 days I have been anxious, shakey and not sleeping ...

How long is Butrans effective for?

Posted 23 Jan 2018 by Mitchb105 0 answers

I am on Butrans now for 16 months and although effective it is not as effective as a year ago. Does full tolerance develop or can Butrans be used for years?

Skyla or Nexplanon- Which one would be best?

Posted 22 Jan 2018 by Krp060300 0 answers

I am 18 with PMDD and have tried several different pills that just dont work. So a GYN said that the IUD Skyla would be best for me. However, i do not have a high pain tolerance and I dont want to get pregnant. Would this really be my best option? I also thought about getting Nexplanon. Which i ...

Quetiapine - Will the sedation effects from 50mg ever go away?

Posted 14 Jan 2018 by ow7en 0 answers

I suffer from insomnia and quetiapine has been the only thing to put me to sleep and keep me asleep. It also helps with my nighttime anxiety and I don’t want to build tolerance to this effect. Does this sedation effect ever go away (with tolerance)?

Does Bromfed DM help you sleep?

Posted 3 Dec 2017 by JazzyJ1979 1 answer

Having a horrible time sleeping remembered a few months ago I had been prescribed bromfed dm and never used it. So I'm wondering if it will help me sleep? FYI I have an extremely high tolerance for most anything. Thanks in advance

Keep building tolerance?

Posted 30 Dec 2017 by Docflellis 1 answer

My medical history was the following: Anafrnil(dropped because of significant weight gain) Zoloft for 5 years till tolerance built up Wellbutrin 2 years till no longer working Effexor 2-3 years till tolerance happen Cymbalta 9 years till tolerance happen. My doctor and I tried adding Ablify to no ...

Tramadol and gabapentin?

Posted 29 Jul 2017 by ghostface157 2 answers

On a similar subject.. I've been taking tramadol for back pain for 2 years and been getting on well with it. Was taking 100mg a day but recently been feeling like I've built a tolerance to what I used to get off 100mg, so have increased to 200mg. Thing is it still doesn't give me the ...

Xtampza ER - First time being prescribed 36mg?

Posted 3 Oct 2017 by Burtturk 2 answers

With a low tolerance, should I be safe and take half the capsule and sprinkle it on food of mix it in a drink? I have to take it at work and don’t want to overdue it. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Do you build up a tolerance with Miralax?

Posted 14 Oct 2017 by April68 2 answers

If you take Miralax everyday could it stop working for you?

Does Trulicity cause extreme body pain and spasms?

Posted 27 Sep 2017 by mbauldry 1 answer

I have great difficulty getting up from a seated position. Sometimes the pain in my lower back and hips is almost unbearable and I usually have a high tolerance for pain. I also have difficulty walking. The severity of this pain has been since I started Trulicity about 4 months ago. Also, as a side ...

Pregabalin tolerance?

Posted 20 Aug 2017 by marty1314 2 answers

I have to buy online (£110 for 56 300mg) after 4-5 days on 1 300mg it no longer worked and anxiety, panic and severe sweating and paranoia were back. Is it common to build tolerance so fast? Dont want to keep uping the dose...

Pregabalin - Does the body build a tolerance for Lyrica?

Posted 25 Dec 2016 by pwrnapper 2 answers

I have been taking Lyrica for about 10 years now and even with increased doses over the years (currently at 150 mg 3X day) it appear that either I have built up a tolerance or it is no longer working as well. At these higher doses side effects are worse than before, i.e. weight gain, tiredness, ...

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