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Is a 10mgs of Melatonin excessive, and would Melatonin hinder my ability to wake-up to an alarm?

Posted 20 Nov 2012 by Clint-Sommers 6 answers

I am a member of the U.S. Navy, that being said I have to wake-up at a specific time and be on time always(my command has a zero tolerance for being late and will not hesitate to write you up.) I am wondering if I take a 10mg dose of Melatonin is that going to hinder my ability to wake-up to an ...

Weight gain on Topamax?

Posted 23 Jul 2014 by Maryland2014 6 answers

I started taking Topamax to control my migraines. Since I have a very low tolerance to medication, I was only taking 25mg per day. My migraines stopped, along with any sinus pain & pressure. However, I instead of losing weight blew up like a balloon. Has anyone else experienced weight gain on ...

Hi there. I've just been prescribed Lyrica for chronic pain issues; how soon did you fellow?

Posted 7 days ago by Shelby73 3 answers

... sufferers notice a difference? I am feeling the side effects of a "drunk" feeling, so I'm hoping after I build up a tolerance that will subside. When does the pain stop though?

Pregabalin - Does the body build a tolerance for Lyrica?

Posted 25 Dec 2016 by pwrnapper 2 answers

I have been taking Lyrica for about 10 years now and even with increased doses over the years (currently at 150 mg 3X day) it appear that either I have built up a tolerance or it is no longer working as well. At these higher doses side effects are worse than before, i.e. weight gain, tiredness, ...

I took 4 pills of Dulcolax yesterday at 12:00PM yesterday it is now 7:00AM the next day and it?

Posted 29 Oct 2016 by JessieA33345 0 answers

... hasn't worked. But I have a history of bulimia, so could it just be my tolerance has gone up? I'm a long term abuser of this kinda stuff

Contrave - Is it possible to lose its effectiveness?

Posted 26 Aug 2016 by Sherry J 1 answer

I started Contrave in April and have lost 50 lbs. Starting in July, the weight loss became a major struggle again, no impulse control, cravings. Have I built up a tolerance to the drug? Is there anyway to get jump started again?

Can tolerance result in the long term use of viagra and similar agents?

Posted 24 Mar 2013 by cy111 2 answers

such as cialis and others. thank you... cn

Can you build a tolerance to Viibryd requiring dosage increase?

Posted 31 May 2016 by Sadie45 1 answer

I've been taking Viibryd for about 4 months and went through the typical dose increase from 10mg, to 20 mg to the typical does of 40 mg. It seemed to be helping really well for awhile. However, now I feel it may be losing its effectiveness. I'm feeling the brain fog and fatigue that it ...

Hello, I'm diagnosed with MDD and GAD but I recently stopped taking my SSRI Zoloft after?

Posted 28 May 2016 by mrbear559 0 answers

an increase to 100mg I noticed I began to display symptoms like agitation, restlessness, low frustration tolerance, negative thoughts and trouble staying asleep. I haven't told my Psychiatrist that I stopped because he is on vacation and his office staff aren't much help but I told this ...

Hyoscyamine - Is it possible to develop a tolersnce?

Posted 17 Mar 2016 by Ibscl 0 answers

Is it possible to develop a tolerance to hyoscyamine or could I be having stronger IBM flares? Sometimes, it really works and sometimes it doesn't seem to work and I hover between an 8 and 9 pain level out of 10. Almost go to the ER.

Lyrica - I take 17 prescribed medications each day. I have built up a high tolerance for many of the

Posted 28 Feb 2016 by Eperson 0 answers

Built up a high tolerance for many of the meds especially ones to treat depression & anxiety. I may be considered med resistant. Due to this I fear that even on a high dose of Lyrica it will quickly lose its positive effects in helping with overall Blah & Pain from Fibro & Lupus. Has ...

Luvox - Lexapro switch to Luxox?

Posted 17 Jan 2016 by Helpmh2 2 answers

Hello. I suffer from OCD Intrusive thoughts for the past 7 years. When I finally got the courage to talk to a therapist, I was put on Lexapro 30mg (I have very high tolerance for meds) I know have been on Lexapro 30mg for 7 years and over the last week have gone up to 40mg for reoccurring OCD. ...

Unisom preventing tolerance question?

Posted 22 Dec 2015 by my2kin04 2 answers

Hello, to prevent tolerance to unisom, it works great when I take a 1/2 pill when needed, will taking it only 1 or twice a week prevent this?

Safe to take unisom couple times a week?

Posted 25 Dec 2015 by my2kin04 3 answers

Is it safe to take a couple times a week? Would doing this prevent tolerance? I currently take trazodone, poison control said it is safe to take unisom once in awhile ( due to dizziness) with it.

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