Sorry if this is a repeat question.
I have been on 200mg Seroquel for 3 years for BP. (Plus the classic Lithium, Epitec). The combo suited me perfectly - after years of General Practitioners guinea pigging the latest SSRIs on me (which did not suit me at all).
Almost 3 years to the day since I started the Seroquel I started waking up with a 'start' in the middle of the night. I was/am going through a terribly stressful time. First time It happened I thought I was dying of a heart attack. My psych gave me Xanax (0.5mg in AM and 0.5mg PM).
The problem is now the Seroquel does not make me sleepy. In fact it seems to be causing the panic attacks.
At night when i take my 200mg i can feel it taking affect in that i get slightly tired, then i go 'through' it and if I'm lying in bed it freaks me out. It feels like my brain is 'tilting' and I get paranoid, loud ringing in my ears and strange sounds like i can hear a radio being tuned and random voices being scrambled. Not like voices in my head are are talking to me but more like a distant sound. If I focus on it i can hear random bits of conversation. This feeling causes me to have an immediate SEVERE panic attack as it's very similar, tho feeling as when i was hospitalised (manic episode from one week of NO sleep).

Any advise? This dose of Seroquel seems to be working great doing the job keeping me happy/stable/rational etc.

Could i be getting tolerant to it? Would it be harmful for me to double the dose? The only other option is to take more and more benzos to help me sleep and keep 'fear of trying to go to sleep' and fear of the Seroquel at bay.

Sorry for the long note. I just wanted to explain properly. I've been trawling this site for 3 hours now. Took 1mg Xanax and 5 Mg Nitrazepam. I'm not having a manic episode. I just cant sleep anymore. In the olds day's I'd wash the Xanax or whatever down with a glass of wine and the alcohol would make it work better. Now I'm trying not to drink but sometimes I think these benzos are so addictive what's the difference?