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What are the brands of testosterone?

How much does Jatenzo cost?

Is Xyosted a controlled substance?

I am a woman and have been prescribed testosterone cream for low levels. do you recommend this?

I have a low testosterone level and have been prescribed a cream to use for it to be applied to my vagina area. Is this normal and do you recommend it? I kinda got a red flag when my doctor told me that a very few pharmacies in our area would have it. thanks

Just prescribed Androgel and have been using for a week, how long until I start seeing results?

Greetings, Last week my doctor prescribed Androgel, 1%, 5mg for me because of low testosterone. I'm a 48 year old white male, 40 pounds overweight and taking meds for high bp and high cholesterol. My reason for seeing the doctor was because for the past 8 months, my sex drive, ability to have... read more

Will testosterone increase the size of a male penis?

Testosterone - will this make me feel tired, depressed and moody?

Hi - I have low testosterone, and have been on testosterone-replacement for over a year. My weight and sexual abilities went up, but I still feel tired a lot, and slightly depressed along with it. Moody, perhaps. Is this related to the therapy?

I have been on Suboxone for about 3 years and I don't have any sex drive .

I put the testosterone gel on in the morning but nothing helps, even Viagra. My question is does Suboxone cause this and what can I do to stop taking the Suboxone strips? Am I the only man with this problem?

Is 100 mg of testosterone cypionate a month a good dosage?

My current level of testosterone is 47. Just had it check a little over a week ago. I am 47 yrs. old...

Testim - Im using androgel 1.62 but it costs too much ...looking for similar testosterone?

... medication that costs less

Hypogonadism -- Male - has anyone concieved while on low T therapy?

my husband has low T ( very low) and he will be getting injections... from what i have heard it is like male contraception. Is there any chance of pregnancy while on the testosterone hormone?

My boyfriend received a testosterone injection improperly. We are not sure where she injected it,?

... but it flowed out of the needle way too fast.. He has since developed a lump that feels attached, like w/ a cord, Dr. said, and extreme pain and numbing down his leg where siatica is. If I massage his legs and rub toward feet, the pain is unbearable til i rub the blood back up. He said he was... read more

I take 1cc every 2 weeks and am considering trying a 1/2 cc every week instead. Would that keep me?

... that more level ? By more level I mean does it leave it leave my body in 2 weeks as it seems it does. I was thinking that 1/2 of the dose weeklly might help. The Drs. here on the Big Island of HI are that are good and few between and this is the workingman's side so not rich. Drs. leaving... read more

Does Spironolactone really work for women w/high testosterone?

I've been dealing with side effects of high testosterone for years and have just been put on Spironolactone. I'm hot 24/7, unwanted hair and so on and so forth! I'm only on 50mg-is this enough to make a difference?

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