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Qelbree vs. Strattera: How do they compare?

Strattera vs Adderall: What is the difference?

Strattera and Adderall are both used in the treatment of ADHD. Is one more effective or more likely to cause dependence than the other?

Strattera, Concerta or Adderall XR - Which worked best for you?

Hi, I've decided to start taking meds for my ADHD (I've been tested by a psychiatrist as a child and as an adult and am most definitely ADHD). At the moment I'd choose between Strattera, Concerta and Adderall XR which is the one recommended by the psych. who last tested me as it is... read more

How do I wean myself off of straterra?

I am on 80 mg I don't like it

Drug Test - I was just recently Prescribed Strattera (atomoxetine HCI) and I need to know if it will

... show up on a drugtest. I know that it is a "non-stimulant" but when I googled it I ran across some wiki's that said something about a false positive for amphetamines. Can someone clarify this for me ,Please???

Has taking strattera made anyone else easily lose their temper and be mean?

My boyfriend just started taking Straterra for ADHD about a month ago. He's become very temperamental, gets angry very easily, and has been kind of mean to me. He's definitely different than he was a month ago. Has anyone else experienced this?

When is the best time to take strattera (morn,lunch, or bedtime) and should it be taken with food ?

my 15 yr old son is going to start taking strattera next week in place of his adderall xr he had a difficult time with the adderall not sleeping or eating. i want to make sure he takes the strattera the right way, and make sure he benefits from it with the least possible side affects he is starting... read more

Will these test + for anything on urine test? Cymbalta, Dilantin, Strattera, Abilify & Neurontin?

I am aware of what conditions these prescribed meds are for; I need to know if any will test positive or false positive for Benzo's, opiates, meth, thc, or cocaine. Thanks

Is strattera a stimulant or amphetamine?

Anyone taking Wellbutrin and Strattera together, how did it work?

I got switched from wellbutrin xl 450 mg and now taking the tablets 100mg 3x's a day my dr and I talked about adding strattera in a month has anyone done this combo and how did it work?

Strattera -little to no sleep, stay up for days then crash, any help please?

Hi, I have been taking strattera now for over a year and have recently noticed that I am barely sleeping and getting little to no sleep. Several times I have stayed up for days and then crashed hard. Has anyone else had something like this? I was taking the 80mg but was moved down to 60mg and... read more

I started taking Strattera at night because it makes me extremely tired during the day, but it gives

... me insomnia at night. Anyone else have that problem?

Why does my Vyvanse make me so tired?

I am on 50 mg of Vyvanse at the moment and I work a busy schedule. I am a 37 year old who is new to these types of medications. I started on Strattera and switched to Vyvanse. I take the medication very early in the morning because I work from 6-3. I usually take the meds about 5:30 am and it takes... read more

Why am I so hungry on Vyvanse?

On day 3 of 40 mg of Vyvanse. Was on Strattera before. My hungry pangs are crazy. I feel them even after I eat a meal. Is this normal?

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