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Stomach Ulcer Questions


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Why can't you take Zantac and Nexium together?

Posted 2 May 2016 by Emma3 1 answer

Can I buy Zantac over the counter (OTC)?

Posted 5 Aug 2009 by mbc2559 1 answer

Hi all, Citalopram & Omeprazole question?

Posted 15 Sep 2013 by Delila 9 answers

I have just been told by a member of the site, that you shouldn't take the 2 together, that the Omeprazole causes the Citalopram to stay in the blood stream longer, & could potentially cause serotonin overdose... Has anyone else heard this? I checked for interactions & nothing came up

Is taking one Meloxicam 15mg easier on the stomach than taking 2-3 Ibuprofen?

Posted 1 Aug 2012 by brucegretsky 3 answers

I have been taking 2-3 Ibuprofen daily for a few months now due to lower back pain and headaches. I want to try as much as possible to reduce the risk of stomach ulcers. My Dr prescribed me Meloxicam. Would this be easier on the stomach than the Ibuprofen? Thanks.

GERD - Timetable for taking Sucralfate (carafate) and omeprazole (Prilosec). Currently I'm taking...

Posted 27 Oct 2017 by avrion 1 answer

... the meds like this. Take omeprazole, wait one hour, take carafate, wait one hour and then food. I was wondering if there is a better, more compact (time-wise) way to take it and be effective? Lots of conflicting info on how to take those 2 medicines online

I had constipation not from carafate?

Posted 16 Sep 2017 by Sparky112438 0 answers

Does this med get rid of stomach pain

Is it safe to take Prilosec & Prozac at the same time?

Posted 26 Jul 2017 by Cheri_22 2 answers

I'm currently taking Prilosec and I'm having severe depression and anxiety so I need to start taking my Prozac again. I'm wondering if it's safe to combine these medications?

Eating disorder and stomach ulcer?

Posted 2 Aug 2017 by niccage1234 0 answers

I have 3 stomach ulcers and have been on and off dealing with an eating disorder restrictive in nature. I wonder if the two have any correlation? I have not told my GI doctor about my eating history because I'm not underweight and I feel like he wouldn't believe me anyway. But ...

I want ask a question about my medicine?

Posted 18 Jul 2017 by Kconley 1 answer

Can I take two tablets of omeprazole 20 mg at once?

Do I have a stomach ulcer?

Posted 5 Feb 2017 by Ninja999 2 answers

As i take Naproxen for Arthritis pain I was given Omeprazole but never took them... I know Im silly... but now am getting the most agonizing pains in upper stomach especially bad if I am hungry, I almost called Paramedics last night but it has literally just eased five minutes ago. I burp like a ...

I have had a serious reaction from being on the medicine ranitidine I need to know how long it will?

Posted 14 Mar 2017 by Samsmom51810 0 answers

I need to know how long it will take to get out of my system?

Bleeding stomach ulcer or cancer?

Posted 20 Feb 2017 by TexasTiger98 0 answers

Hello, I'm female, 18 years old, physically fit, and last year I was diagnosed with H. Pylori w/ulcers and I was given 2 rounds of triple therapy antibiotics, but I unfortunately was unable to schedule a follow up to verify if the infection was out of my system. I still suffered from the same ...

Stomach Ulcer - I think I may have one. I am 33, female. Started a week ago with intense pain for?

Posted 27 Dec 2016 by Kristaroo 2 answers

... hours and now every meal I throw up. And still have abdominal pain. Help!

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