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Is this normal - spotting and stomach cramps from starting birth control pills?

I have been taking the birth control Sprintec for about two months now. The first two weeks I was completely fine, no side effects at all. Then I started light spotting and it has only grown worse from there. I have bled everyday and now it is like my regular period. I also get terrible cramps on... read more

Opill OTC vs other birth control pills: What's the difference?

Tri-Sprintec - could this be causing my chronic hives, anyone else had chronic hives?

Im a 28 year old female and for about two years I have been battling with chronic hives. I am allergic to some stuff that my allergist and I found out through blood work and keeping a food diary. Im still experiencing hives on my face. This is the only medication I take daily. Has anyone had the... read more

Can I ask my pharmacy to change from one generic brand to another generic brand?

Though my doctor prescribed Sprintec (a generic brand of OrthoCyclen), the pharmacy gave me Mononessa (another generic) instead. So far it is going very well for me and I want to continue to take this brand instead of Sprintec. I know they're the basically the same but out of comfort I would... read more

Tri-Sprintec - After taking the white pills, how soon should I start my period?

I am 18 years old, and I have been on Sprintec for three weeks and two days. I finished taking all of the blue/gray pills without missing any, and I just took my second white pill.I haven't started my period yet, and I don't know if that is normal. I'm not really sure what to expect... read more

Brown discharger? On birth control (Tri-Sprintec). What's up?

Ok, this is my 8th month of being on birth control. I have never had any side effects (including spotting between periods) that I can remember. Anyways, I became sexually active last month (we always use condoms, but once he was in me before we got a condom and so idk if any fluids might have got... read more

I am on the Sprintec 28 day tablet. Can I get pregnant if I have sex during the placebos week?

Hi, I am new to being on birth control. I started Sprintec 4 months ago to ensure that my body would be adjusted to it by our wedding 2 weeks ago. I have taken the pill very consistantly every day at 9am and haven't missed a day. I usually get my period the 3rd day of the placbos (white pills... read more

Does Tri-Sprintec cause all over body itching? I've been on this pill for 4 months now (i believe).?

... This is the first birth control I've ever been on and I've read other forums where Tri-Sprintec users complained of intense itching but nothing definite on any Tri-Sprintec side effect websites. Please help, my scalp, earlobes, face, neck, chest, torso and legs are extremely itchy!... read more

Is it okay for my boyfriend to ejaculate inside me while I'm on birth control?

I've been on tri-sprintec for a month and a half now. I have never missed a pill and always take it around the same time. Today he ejaculated inside me for the first time ever. I think I'm just paranoid, and I know there's always a chance of pregnancy every time I have sex, but I... read more

Sprintec - I missed taking my pill by 8 minutes or so?

Hello, today i missed taking my pill by 8 minutes or so. I always always take it at exactly 7:30 pm. I have never missed it before and now i an worried. Can someone please tell me if this might be a problem? Or if its alright since today was my very very first time missing it at 7:30 pm. I am on my... read more

Tri-sprintec - took my pill 3 hours late, will I be protected from pregnancy?

I have been taking tri-sprintec for quite awhile (2+ years). I had unprotected sex 4 days ago and I didn't take my pill on time (3 hours late but before having sex). To be more specific, this was my Friday active pill in the second week and I start taking my pills every month on Sunday. Should... read more

Birth Control - Is it safe to take over the counter meds while on BC?

Can I take DayQuil/NyQuil while I'm on tri-sprintec? If I can, is there a specific amount of hours that I need to take it before or after my birth control time? Also, what's the best over the counter medicine can I take for congestion& coughing while taking my birth control pills.... read more

Does sprintec help breast growth?

i am 15 just started taking sprintec a few days ago my doctor recomended it for my acne and my periods. i have read alot of negative comments saying it causes yeast infections which worries me because i have never had one before.. i want larger breasts and have heard birthcontrol makes them bigger.... read more

How long does Sprintec take to leave the system?

I've been on Sprintec for about a month and half and my husband and I just decided to try and start having a baby. How long will it take for Sprintec to leave my system and stop being effective if I didn't take it for very long? I wasn't on birth control before I started taking... read more

Sprintec - taking a pill a 5 hours late?

I've taken my pill on time everyday for 3 months. I lost track of time and took my pill 5 hours late and I've taken it regulary ever since, but I had unprotected sex 4 days later... am I still protected??

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