Ok, this is my 8th month of being on birth control. I have never had any side effects (including spotting between periods) that I can remember. Anyways, I became sexually active last month (we always use condoms, but once he was in me before we got a condom and so idk if any fluids might have got in me), but I got my "period" during the placebo week like normal. It was a day later than normal and was just SLIGHTLY lighter (I have ALWAYS started on the 3rd placebo pill, but last month I started on the 4th). I thought it might have been from stress, but took a few pregnancy tests anyways. They were all negative. So I went on still slightly concerned because I'm a stress ball. Anyways I started a new pack of birth control a week and a half ago and had sex on the night of the 6th pill. We used a condom, but it slipped off but after that I just gave him a hand job and he came on me, not in me. Anyways 5 days later I started getting this weird brown discharge. It's really light and Idk what's going on. I've never had spotting between periods on the pill. I've been taking my pills every day, but on monday and tuesday I took them like 2 hours late (it's currently wednesday) so Idk if I'm spotting because of that or what. What does everyone think of what's going on with me?