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Sprintec - Because I missed the time I was supposed to take the pill, will I have my period?

Posted 11 days ago by TrnsAye 0 answers

I take sprintec as a solution to stop my periods, and today I missed the set time (you are supposed to take the pill at the same time every day) by about 45-55 minutes. Will I get my period again because I had missed the set time?

I've been on Printec for about 4 years. I was ready to start my new pack last Sunday, so I went to?

Posted 20 days ago by Kristennbb6 1 answer

... pharmacy, and they said the insurance wouldn't cover it until the next Tuesday. So I went all last week, and now I'm on the second week of not taking it. However, I did pick if I up today and can start taking it. However, I should already be almost a week & a half into my pills. ...

Tri-Sprintec - I lost a pill (day 2). It fell and I can't find it anywhere. What should I do?

Posted 8 Dec 2016 by Seh2227 1 answer

Should I skip a day with no pill then take day 3 pill on day 3? Or take day 3 pill on day 2 and be ahead a day?

Just switched over to Sprintec from Seasonique, I've been bleeding for almost 2 weeks straight now?

Posted 11 Dec 2016 by Samt9 0 answers

... with a heavy period. Is this normal? How long should this last for?

Sprintec - switching methods?

Posted 5 Dec 2016 by Hdc123 1 answer

I have been on the Sprintec pill for six days after switching recently from the Depo and Nuvaring. My partner and I didn't use a condom this time and he ejaculated in me. Do I need to buy a Plan A pill?

Tri-Sprintec - Should the generic brand work the same as the brand name?

Posted 26 Nov 2016 by Mcortez22 0 answers

I've been taking tri-sprintec (the brand name) for the past 2 years and it's worked great for my acne. I recently moved so I had to transfer my prescription and now they give me the generic brand of tri-sprintec, but I've been breaking out a lot on my chin and cheeks. Should the ...

This is my first month taking Sprintec, I've taken other forms of birth control in the past and I'm?

Posted 8 Nov 2016 by Meg234 0 answers

... on the "inactive" pill, it's only day two of it, I'm starting to get scared, when will I get my period?

Switch from ortho to sprintec?

Posted 16 Nov 2016 by Michelle-1 0 answers

First month I had my period for almost two weeks and this month I've taken my third white pill last night and still have yet to start my period. I've taken all my pills accordingly not missing a day, because I am new to this I have still yet to become familiar with a routin. is there ...

Switching from trinessa to tri sprintec?

Posted 20 Aug 2013 by ShannonRose 1 answer

My pharmacy has switched me from trinessa to tri sprintec, I suppose they just don't carry it anymore. However, they've given me little information other than a small typed note saying this was my birth control, even if it looks different. I called to ask if I should change anything and ...

Sprintec - Can someone help? First time taking birth control?

Posted 3 Nov 2016 by Maria011 1 answer

Just started taking sprintec but accidently started on the pill for Thursday since today is Thursday instead of starting on the first pill. Can something go wrong?

Birth Control - am I pregnant?

Posted 6 Aug 2012 by cMcarie 3 answers

I am using tri-sprintec birth control. I had unprotected sex with my fiance the night before going on the white pills. this is my first pack of this birth control so i have only done three weeks of it. Before this birthcontrol, i was on several others trying to pick the right one for me and had a ...

I took Tri Sprintec for 2 months regulary. Then in the third month forgot some pills in the 2nd and?

Posted 25 Oct 2016 by katrinahorse7e 0 answers

3rd week. I got thrown off and then took 3 pills in one day and had sex with a condom. However I am freaking out because once i got home and undressed i found one of the used condoms inside my pants? Could sperm have gotten in me from the used condom and could I be pregnant? No rude comments ...

Sprintec - I am on my last row of blue pills for my first pack. I had been letting my bf get close?

Posted 11 Oct 2016 by 12346818 1 answer

... and pull out. I haven't started my period yet Tho. Should I be scared?

Period came four days before inactive pills on Tri-Lo-Sprintec?

Posted 6 Oct 2016 by 1095 0 answers

I have been on birth control for six years. I was on ortho-tri-cyclen lo up until about 6 months ago my doctor switched me over to Tri-Lo-Sprintec and I haven't had any problems until today. My period doesn't come until the fourth inactive pill, and that's been regular for me for the ...

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