I am on Tri-sprintec. Ive never missed a pill. Me and Boyfriend messed around in shower (not having intercourse) but a small amount of his sperm did get on my stomach and ran down, i immediately washed, not knowing if it got to vaginal opening. But an hour to hour and a half after the incident, i took plan B just in case. I took plan B in case because i had just gotten off my period and been on my week of placebo. An hour after taking plan B I took my active pill for the new monthly pack. I had continued taking my pills on time just as usual after taking the plan B. Today marks 3 weeks, I am having Extreme fatigue and sore breasts. Im starting the week right before my period so could be PMS combined with the plan B maybe? I've also been spotting for a week, the spotting is mainly brown with some red.
Should I be worried?