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Has anyone experienced hair loss while taking Spironolactone?

Posted 20 Jan 2013 by nw1970 14 answers

I am 42 and have had acne on and off since the age of 13. I've taken EVERY medication with the exception of Accutane, but find that Spironolactone works the best (in conjunction with Tazarac and Benzaclyn). I've recently started taking a dose of 100mg/day - up from my original 50 mg -and ...

Spironolactone - Will weight gain with aldactone usage go away once the body adjusts?

Posted 9 Apr 2014 by Dawn E 3 answers

I have been taking aldactone 50 mg a day for almost 3 months for acne. I have noticed some improvement, however, I thought I would have fewer breakouts. I have noticed that I've almost gained 10 pounds without changing anything in my daily diet and exercise routine? Will the extra pounds be ...

Why is Spironolactone not listed as an Anti-Androgen?

Posted 20 Jul 2013 by PrincessKira 3 answers

I've heard about this drug before and didn't realize until recently that it was the same as the drug most Transgendered individuals call simply "spiro." The feminizing effects of this drug are not listed here. As a MTF Transgenderist individual my self; that's how I ...

Can Spironolactone be used to treat PCOS?

Posted 8 Aug 2010 by lrsphilly 4 answers

My doctor put me on spironolactone to treat me for PCOS, but from what I read it doesn't. Can it? Im 29 yrs old and I was diagnosed with PCOS when I 18 yrs old, but was never treated for it. I just started seeing a new physician and she placed me on spironolactone in February. She said it ...

Has anyone taken spironolactone for hormonal acne? How has your experience been?

Posted 30 Apr 2017 by Stasiya93 0 answers

I have been experiencing incredibly painful cystic breakouts on my chin for about a year. There have been weeks where it seemed like the breakouts were subsiding but they would always come back and take forever to decrease in inflammation. I have been on various forms of hormonal birth control and ...

Apple cider vinegar and spironolactone?

Posted 3 Apr 2017 by AmyRLaFollette 0 answers

Is it okay to drink apple cider vinegar while taking spironolactone? I am wanting to drink 1 tablespoon diluted with water twice daily. I am currently taking 2 25mg pills of spironolactone daily.

What happens after you finish a course of spironolactone for hirsutism ?

Posted 26 Mar 2017 by Hasanfurler 0 answers

I know spironolactone is essentially a diuretic used to treat hypertension and it has an anti-androgenic effect. Some doctors prescribe it to treat acne or hirsutism in females, how ever, i want to understand a point, when the patient stop taking spiro, will the androgen receptors be reactivated ? ...

Spironolactone - can spironlactone be crushed into a water solution and applied to my scalp for hair

Posted 2 Mar 2017 by Bernice1925 1 answer

... loss? Can the Spironolactone pills be crushed and then applied on bald spots for hair growth?

What if I took 3 spironolactone 25mm in one day when I should only take 2 a day?

Posted 28 Feb 2017 by Mmor151 1 answer

In 1 day when I should only have taken 2 a day

How to deal with side effects of heartburn and nausea when taking spironolactone? I really want to?

Posted 18 Feb 2017 by abbeyks 1 answer

... continue taking this but the side effects are not worth it currently. I've tried taking tums with the spironolactone but the constant nausea is an issue. Thanks in advance

Spironolactone - Impatience and doxycycline?

Posted 19 Feb 2017 by Sfl123 0 answers

I never had acne (just a picking problem that stopped when I started Wellbutrin) until around August. It wasn't bad and I could go out without makeup it was just something I knew I was insecure about. It's been significantly worse since November, and I even weaned myself off of my lithium ...

I found out I have high male hormones and hair loss should I take spironolactone?

Posted 13 Dec 2016 by Jessln 3 answers

Please help! A year ago I started getting cystic acne on my neck and then I noticed oily skin and acne on my back and then my hair started shedding. I used to only have to wash my hair once every four days and it has gotten to the point that I now have to wash every single day. I'm ...

Hello I have been on spironolactone for 8 years and just been informed to stop Not ever needed?

Posted 20 Oct 2016 by Maggie floyd 2 answers

I have been on spironolactone 8 years and during that time I no doctor seemed to know why I was on it. I have now been told to stop the drug, but has or could this have damaged my organs? My present gp did not prescribe it it was my previous doctor but the gp I have now and another at same surgery ...

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