My niece was told about Spironolactone for her PCOS, but her mother who is in the medical field told her that it can cause infertility. Since she will be getting married in a few weeks and will eventually want children this was not a risk she is willing to take. Gyn sent her to a nutritionist to be put on a diet for PCOS- so far her skin is fine and so is her weight ,which is a problem we have in our family. I have been on Spironolactone for several years for high blood pressure and facial hair. It did not get rid of the facial hair but has cleared up my adult acne. However I notice my beautiful head of hair is getting thinner and lose quite bit in the shower. I get depressed about the hair and especially weight.Since on Spironolactone, I gained weight steadily (from 200 to 245 lbs) in just a few short years even though I've tried to eat healthy and exercise. Was put on MethlyPrednisolone for tendonitis in the ankle and gained 15 lbs in one week to 260 lbs..I'm wondering what these two drugs have done to me and others. I just can't seem to take off the weight and I don't want my niece and daughters to suffer the same problems. Is the infertility and weight gain reversible after going off the drugs?