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Is sleep paralysis common when on viibryd? I'm 20 years old and I've been on it since late october?

Posted 4 Dec 2012 by lhopen 7 answers

I'm only taking 20 mg and I haven't missed any pills. My first experience with sleep paralysis was 3 weeks ago. I felt this weird sensation run through my head and my heart would beat really fast and I'd be jolted awake right before drifting off. I finally got to sleep and had ...

Sleep paralysis?

Posted 17 Jan 2013 by cupcake7667 9 answers

This is a phenomenon I've had since a child. I've never brought it up to a doctor as I thought he'd look at me like I was crazy. But I know it's real! When it happens to me I hear a buzzing in my head and feel like if I can't wake up I will quit breathing and die and when I ...

Tapering clonazepam after over 20 years?

Posted 21 Feb 2017 by Scharf 3 answers

Female age 65 been on clonazepam over 20 years for MVP with dysautonomia and what I was told was anxiety and panic. I would have hot flushes come from my stomach up to my face and would feel like I was gonna die and have unreasonable fear. Also as I was about to drift into sleep I would jerk awake ...

Does sleep paralysis leave you physically fatigued?

Posted 22 Mar 2016 by manuprasad_07 4 answers

I experience sleep paralysis often, and I've gotten so used that I now just acknowledge it and try to sleep through it. But I often dream that I'm floating or flying and I wake up feeling exhausted, with my hands and legs (most notably fingers) aching and feeling fatigued. I am not sure ...

I experience "sleep paralysis" a few times a year but I feel very differently than most people who?

Posted 18 Jun 2015 by Rebecca T 3 answers

give it a scientific explanation . Let me explain what happened to me 10 min ago . I woke up and looked at my window that daybreak was starting to come through when all of a sudden I felt pressure on my pillow beside my head and neck . It kept getting closer and closer so I didn't move . Then ...

Has anyone gotten bad side effects from taking Viibryd? Has anyone weaned off it?

Posted 16 Oct 2013 by Retiredelfin 1 answer

I am getting night sweats, sleep paralysis and brain zaps to the point I am feeling as if my condo is possessed and sleep with a light on, I kid you not. I just realized I think the Viibryd is responsible for my joint pain and achey all over. My rheumatologist thought my RA hit suddenly and I have ...

Is it worh staying on viibryd when you have terrifying sleep paralysis?

Posted 10 Jan 2015 by Joy Ann 1 answer

I have been on viibryd just under two months and have had two terrifying experiences. I felt like I couldn't move and something was holding me down. I was screaming and reaching for my husband but not moving at all. I broke through and it happened a couple of more times then I was able to ...

Sleep Paralysis - How do I enter a sleep paraylsis then turn it into a lucid dream?

Posted 26 Jun 2015 by naruto15 2 answers

How can i go into a sleep paraylsis then turn it into a lucid dream

Sleep Disorder - Has Anyone tried Belsomra for Sleep? Does it help? I'm scared to take it cuz it can

Posted 27 Oct 2015 by Snuggs08 1 answer

... cause Sleep Paralysis. I've experienced this twice in my life and it's terrifying. Insurance won't cover my Dalmane unless I try the Belsomra.

Sleep paralysis? Someome please help?

Posted 4 Mar 2016 by curiousgirlXXX 2 answers

I don't know if I am experiencing sleep paralysis or not and was hoping someone would help. Ever since I have started working nightshift 6 months ago I have experienced strange things happening while I try and sleep. This doesn't happen when I sleep after work during the day only when I ...

Has anyone been sleep walking after night terrors on Viibryd?

Posted 17 Oct 2016 by Viking Goddess 1 answer

I have been on Viibryd 40mg for 2 years. For the last year I have been researching sleep paralysis and night terrors with no prevail until I heard the term "Brain Zaps". When I experience brain zaps that tells me I am going to have sleep paralysis and night terrors. I have been scared to ...

2017 update- anyone suffer sleep paralysis with Viibryd?

Posted 22 Aug 2017 by KCOZ 1 answer

Is this a common side effect of Viibryd? Does it eventually go away? I have suffered from sleep paralysis 3 times since being on Viibryd (about 2 months). It had happened once when I took my pill before bed, and two other times when I forgot to take my pill that day (the only two times I had ...

Belsomra - I took my first dose last night.. my body felt tired but my mind was just as awake.?

Posted 17 Jan 2018 by EBartkowiak88 1 answer

... Sleep paralysis set in, which I usually experience weekly anyways (sucks!). My main concern is that this med seems to be causing pretty severe ringing in my ears. Second night of it.. 15 mins after — ringing started. I know I know, I shouldn’t be on my phone. But, hey, I can’t ...

Also in most cases when I have sleep paralysis I’m usually being forced upon like whatever it is?

Posted 13 Sep 2018 by Lui5252 0 answers

... that I see or feel is trying to rape me and I don’t know if it has to do that with the fact at a young age I was almost kidnapped, or people literally at the age of 16 people grown men and women always staring at me or men asking me to give them bj or touching there dicks around me and ...

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