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Skin Cancer Questions

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How do I know if Aldara is working for skin cancer?

What type of drug is Libtayo?

How does Odomzo work?

What is Braftovi used to treat?

What is Mektovi used to treat?

Has anybody used fluorouracil 5% topical cream for only seven days only and get good results?

My Doctor, an MD, who prescribed fluorouracil 5% topical cream to spots on my face and was told to apply it twice a day just to the spots for seven days. A little back ground, I have had some previous skin problems in the past and been treated by freezing (cryo.) for a spot or two, one of which... read more

Does EFUDEX have a recommended shelf life? I have two tubes prescribed in 2005 and stored in a?

... constant temp environment around 60-70 degrees. Safe to use?

Can Orencia cause cancer and if so what types. I have been on Orencia for 3 years and am concerned

... about lymphoma and skin cancer(the )latter I've had diagnosed recently. What type of cancer is connected to Orencia? No one seems to know or they are not saying. Orencia cost approx.$5,000$7,000.00 for each monthly treatment) so it is a very profitable drug. All help is appreciated JJ

I have been using fluorouracil for two week for skin cancer?

I have been using fluorouracil for two weeks now, what can i use to help clear it up.

Sunscreen Safety: What do you need to know?

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