My Doctor, an MD, who prescribed fluorouracil 5% topical cream to spots on my face and was told to apply it twice a day just to the spots for seven days. A little back ground, I have had some previous skin problems in the past and been treated by freezing (cryo.) for a spot or two, one of which came back. I was born and raised in southern California and have the classic light, blonde and blue eyed make up. I also was raised in the day when sunscreen really wasn't heard of. I use to tan great and also had quite a few burns. One really bad burn one year across the whole right side of my face that blistered, turned black and cracked and bleed, this was about 30 years ago and I'm in my late 40's now, the time when things are starting to show. This Doctor is a relatively new Doctor to me and I am not fond of her for many reasons. You can't ask her anything. In order for me to get this medication I had to send an email through my patient portal to her nurse who relayed the message and who got back to me. This Doctor has refused and or conveniently forgets to give me a skin cancer screening that I have asked for several times and will not refer me to a Dermatologist. Because I realize that I am going to have skin problems due to my days in the sun and want to deal with the spots I have now, I researched my conditions/skin and possible treatments and researched these creams... because I asked through email this Doctor prescribed this cream for me. I don't think her instructions of using the cream for only seven days is going to do anything. I have applied the cream to my whole forehead, twice a day (not just the spots like suggested) I am planning on applying for two weeks, not the seven days. Not only have the previous visible spots on my forehead been reacting, but a bunch of other spots I didn't know I had are reacting too, so I'm glad I didn't listen to her. So has anybody used the cream for seven days and get any good results and or did your spots come back?