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New to sertraline, 50mg in the am with food. Severe stomach pain for 3-4hrs in the evening. ADVICE??

Posted 21 Nov 2013 by dani_shay 3 answers

I started taking sertraline 3 weeks ago at 25mg , have been on 50mg for a week now. There are minor uncomfortable side effects, but a big change in my anxiety, so that's alright! However, I've been experiencing severe stomach pain in the early evening that lasts for 3-4 hours. No ...

Hello. I have been on sertraline for almost 17 yrs now. Been taking 150mg for the last several. I?

Posted 10 days ago by Cosmogirlajb 1 answer

... think it has petered out on me. Should I go up to 200mgs? I also take 5mgs in the morning and 5mgs at night of Busbar. Been nervous about increasing to 200mgs but after reading, it seems common. Any thoughts on this

3 weeks on Zoloft, when will it kick in?

Posted 10 days ago by Tatixlin 1 answer

I've been on 25mg of sertraline (Zoloft) for 3 weeks now. The first week I was feeling the common side effects. I didn't mind it so much because atleast it felt like it was doing something in my body. After that first week, I have felt nothing. I'm still feeling my usual anxiety, I ...

Should I stay on 50 mg Zoloft (sertraline)?

Posted 13 days ago by Helmsy 1 answer

I started on 25 mg of Zoloft 6 days ago and upped to 50mg 2 days later. I have been really anxious and had a terrible headache today. Should I drop back to 25mg or stick it out and hope the anxiety subsides?

Can I take sertraline and Vistaril together ?

Posted 11 days ago by Justine7225 1 answer

The doctor gave me these two medicines and I am not sure if I should take both?

Sertraline - Hello guys I been using steraline for almost 5 weeks after the 4th week I felt like....

Posted 16 days ago by Altayeb 1 answer

... I am getting worse. Is this normal?

Help needed starting sertraline tomorrow?

Posted 16 days ago by Rega 1 answer

I am about to start sertraline tomorrow after a failed trial with duloxetine. I would really appreciate some support, as this is my 3rd episode of anxiety and depression I'm getting very desperate right now and feel so alone If anyone could give encouragement and support I would be so ...

Sertraline and Robotussin Cold and Cough?

Posted 13 days ago by mbgoldy 0 answers

Hi been on sertraline 25mg a day?

Posted 5 May 2017 by Pthomas1994 2 answers

Hi I been taking sertraline 25mg a day for 4days now, its starting to make me feel quite drowsy in the morning she I wake up, its a bit harder to get out of bed. Will this go away or get better at all? Thanks

Suffering from schiz and OCD. Sertraline not working at all?

Posted 9 May 2017 by froddo7 1 answer

I have schizophrenia and OCD. Have been taking Latuda now, and sertraline. The psychosis is under slight control, but OCD just doesn't stop! I keep thinking nonstop along with intrusive thoughts. Should I try Prozac (fluoxetine) now? Does it help for severe OCD? Please help as I'm at my ...

Sertraline to Trintellex I feel weird?

Posted 2 May 2017 by nkh612 1 answer

Hi everyone: I have been on Zoloft since Oct. 2015. My dr. increased the dosage to 175 mg since I have bad pmdd. Recently, I started seeing a weight dr. He did not think the zoloft was helping and in turn my depression was not getting better. He prescribed a newer drug, Trintellex 10mg. I am ...

Sertraline - When do the side effects start happening after taking 25mg of sertralin??

Posted 3 May 2017 by Pthomas1994 1 answer

Hi I been taking 25mg of sertralin this morning and had no side effects what so ever? Would I of gotten side effects from that first 25mg I took??? Anyone know

Should I take my sertraline?

Posted 24 Apr 2017 by lilyheard 1 answer

I was prescribed 50mg sertraline this morning by my doctor because I have extreme anxiety and mild depression. I took one after breakfast this morning and felt fine, but now a couple of hours later I feel a bit dizzy, very sleepy and a little sick - I really struggle with the dizziness and feeling ...

Sertraline - SSRI - Serotonin Syndrome Risks?

Posted 13 Apr 2017 by Rockhopper92 2 answers

Hi, I've been on 50mg daily of Sertraline and have been now for about 5 or 6 days. A couple of years ago I took Fluoxetine for a few months with no issues. However Sertralien is making me feel dizzy, breathless, more anxious and generally very crappy. I sort of expected this as I don't ...

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