My Dr. recently put me on Seratraline for migraines. Not only did it NOT help with migraines, but I experienced horrible side effects with it (nausea, constipation, diarrhea, anxiety), so I stopped taking it. After only a week of taking it, then stopping, I experienced horrible withdrawal symptoms for days. Awful anxiety, panic attacks, crying, migraine... they were the worst few days of my life.

I explained all of this to my Dr. and then he proceeded to prescribe me Trazodone to help with sleep, since he believes that sleep and anxiety may be to blame for my migraines. I was all on board, until I researched the drug and realized that while it isn't an SSRI like Seratraline, it seems to be similar because it still prevents the reuptake of Seratonin.

Has anyone taken both drugs? Or even just Trazodone? Can you tell me if the side effects are similar, or what kind of side effects you experienced with Trazodone? I'm terrified to take another drug, just to have it turn out the same and go through another similar withdrawal period.