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How do I get off Seroquel xr - can't stand side effects?

Posted 5 Jan 2012 by akworley1 37 answers

I'm diagnosed with bipolar and ptsd - got on Lithium over a month ago and so far so good - however, the dr. added 300 mg of Seroquel xr and I'm having a terrible time with the side effects and I want to stop immediately. Can I just stop taking?

Does black stool mean colon cancer?

Posted 28 Aug 2013 by Kingdoctor20 5 answers

What does it mean when your stool is black? With bowel movments twice a day I only see black stool after I exercise sometimes or out of the blue some days. I take seroquel xr and a vitamen d supplement.

Paxil & Seroquel XR - How long do side effects last?

Posted 15 Sep 2009 by hair-of-dog 17 answers

I've been prescribed paxil & seroquel xr (150 mg). i took the seroquel twice. the first time i took it the whole next day i was loopy. i work 7 to 6 during the week welding & am worried if these effects will last longer than saturday & sunday if starting on the weekend?

Does anyone know if seroquel decreases sex drive?

Posted 16 Jul 2012 by deann0615 9 answers

I am up to 200mg of seroquel XR & my partner & I have both noticed that my sex drive is not like it use to be. I use to want it all the time & couldn't keep my hands off him. Now I could care less about sex. I know when I go back to the DR she is going to up it to 300mg & if ...

Can I cut a seroquel XR tablet in half ? Why ?

Posted 19 May 2011 by phu 3 answers

I'm pharmacist doing at mental hospital HCMc. I want to understand clearly about Seroquel XR. Thanks you

Seroquel XR weight gain?

Posted 31 Aug 2010 by toffeeman92 15 answers

I've recently been put on 300mg Seroquel XR which I take once at night to compliment long term use of Seroxat for anxiety. The Seroquel seems to be working really well for the anxiety but my weight has increased rapidly. Since I started on the Seroquel only a few weeks ago I have put on about ...

Seroquel XR - If you stop taking this medication, how long does it take to get out of your system?

Posted 8 Sep 2009 by Hartter 9 answers

Started taking this medicene, and it is completely messing me up! I want it out of my body, and want to know how long it will take to be gone completely!

What other medications are there similar to Seroquel (XR) without weight gain?

Posted 2 Aug 2014 by Correlation 5 answers

I take Seroquel XR 700mg (currently lowering from 800mg to 600mg) for psychosis and like many I am finding it very hard to control my weight. I'm not obese nor hugely overweight but I've been on the drug for roughly 6 years now and I always fail at trying to keep my weight down. I'd ...

What is the best dose of Seroquel XR for treating Borderline Personality Disorder?

Posted 24 May 2012 by rmricci 5 answers

I've recently started Seroquel XR for Borderline Personality Disorder (mainly for extreme anxiety/mood swings, dissociation, paranoia, self-harm urges). I'm taking 50mg in the evening. It's very sedating, which is fine to a point (I often have trouble sleeping due to anxiety), but I ...

Accidentally took double does Seroquel XR - dangerous?

Posted 22 Mar 2015 by lionskin 2 answers

Hi, I think I accidentally took a double dose of my nightly 600mg of Seroquel XR. So I think I might've taken 1200mg. I really could not remember if I took it or not so I took it, but ever since I've been feeling sleepier than the medication usually makes me. I'm also anxious about ...

Hi I have Severe MDD and have rapid daily mood swings and get very angry easily over little things?

Posted 27 May 2017 by luke uno 1 answer

Thinking about asking to try Seroquel XR in addition to my Latuda 60mgs, Lamictal 100mgs, Remeron 45mgs and Konopin 2mgs BID. Anyone have experience with low dose Seroquel XR on top of another antipsychotic?

How long does Seroquel XR stay on your system?

Posted 7 Jul 2017 by John101 0 answers

This is the XR version, not the regular version.

Do lower doses of Seroquel XR make you more tired?

Posted 16 May 2017 by user_23 1 answer

Hello. I have been on Seroquel XR for almost two years now. For most of that I was on 150 mg, then went up to 200 mg and then 300 mg because of depression. Recently, I tried to get off the medicine and went down to only 50 mg. At that dose, I had more energy than I've had in years, but had to ...

Switch from Seroquel to Seroquel XR?

Posted 16 Jul 2016 by CareBear34 2 answers

My doctor inadvertently wrote me a prescription for Seroquel XR, as opposed to the regular Seroquel that I have been taking. I didn't notice it until I passed in the prescription. I'm only on 50mg before bed, but what differences do you think I'll see, if any? Has anyone switched ...

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