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Is TEVA brand clonazepam still a good brand?

Posted 13 May 2018 7 answers

I was taking Teva .5 mg back in 2012 then was switched to Qualitest who’s was kinda weak then to Actavis but now I am going back on Teva due to Actavis being indefinitely discontinued after Teva’s acquisition of Actavis pharmaceuticals. Wondering if anyone currently takes the Teva ...

How long did your side effects last after tapering off Topamax?

Posted 1 May 2012 by Lyssa0124 4 answers

I was on topamax for about 3 months and at 75 mg. This drug was highly changing my mood and personality and it was only mildly effective at helping the migraines. I spoke with my doctor and he told me to wean off by 25 mg every 4 days. I took my last pill on day 12. I am currently 9 days free of ...

Anyone ever use Klonopin after bad detox on Xanax?

Posted 12 May 2010 by nikicole1986 6 answers

I had extremely bad withdrawals from Xanax so doc was worried i would have seizure so she put me on it .5 2 times a day for month then taper down every month with lower dose think that will work? MY heart rate was 142 at docs could barely breath face so tight jumpy shaky pale in motion constantly ...

What r the differences between valproic acid & valproate?

Posted 23 Oct 2009 by rehab-gh 2 answers

is valproic acid more effective than valproate?i mean in its absorption and distribution,in its effect as antiepileptic drug.thanks.

Benzodiazepine Withdrawal - Looking for help getting off Klonopin permanently I need some advise on?

Posted 21 Nov 2015 by thediamondgirl 3 answers

... how to safely taper off. Drs wont help?? Long story short Drs put me on Klondpin thinking I was having panic attacks 15 years ago. I found out 15 yrs later I have multiple heart issues,, Vaso Vagle, afib, In essence a messed up electrical system. Hence I got a pacemaker and doing fine. Since I ...

Has any experience nightmares as a side effect of taking Topamax?

Posted 1 Oct 2009 by Smartchick73 6 answers

I've been on Topamax since March 2009 and in the past few weeks (maybe 4-5) I've been having nightmares, not just bad dreams, but night terrors... really horrible stuff. I had a routine visit with my doctor on Monday and he cut my night time Topamax dosage back a little because he thinks ...

What generic brands of diazepam work - not Mylan?

Posted 4 Feb 2011 by MDgirl21 3 answers

I have read & heard that the generic Mylan brand of diazepam doesn't work as it should. My insurance will not cover the brand name & it's pretty expensive. What other generic brands are out there that DO work? I use CVS as my pharmacy

Topamax users with memory issues: How long AFTER you stopped Topamax?

Posted 3 Aug 2015 by troyal147 2 answers

... did you memory stop being an issue? I am in Nursing school and having the hardest time. I have always noticed the issue: word recall, etc. I'm weaning off now, but wanted to know how long it took to become "normal" again

Is clonazepam safe to thinking and memory ??

Posted 20 Sep 2012 by khaled250 4 answers

Now I am taking the drug clonazepam and a dose of 0. 5 mg per day as an antidote for Seizure Disorders The dose of 0.5 mg per day dose is fully supportive for me The seizure disorders disappeared completely with this dose I did not find any side effect with the use of (clonazepam) I read in the ...

Topamax for eating disorder (binge eating/bulimia)?

Posted 13 Aug 2015 by Ilariadv1 1 answer

Hello everyone. This is my first post here and I really need your support and your experience. I've been suffering from eating disorder for 6 years now (1 year anorexia, 5 years binge and bulimia). I've been put on Topamax 100 mg for binge eating/bulimia and it's only one month ...

Anyone know if running out of Seroquel can lead to a rash from Lamictal?

Posted 16 Nov 2009 by twisted_savior 5 answers

I've been on Lamictal and Seroquel for about two years (I started both at the same time). Due to a complicated situation, I wound up running out of Seroquel for several days. I was wondering if the Seroquel could have somehow stopped me from getting a rash. The rash is on the opposite side of ...

Lamictal and mood swings?

Posted 4 Jun 2013 by Luis_NYC 2 answers

I have epilepsy. I have been on Dilantin for over 15 years. My doctor has switched me Lamictal about two months ago for my seizures. I'm currently on 450mg a day but will be upgraded to 500mg. I've noticed my moods have changed. I've been depressed and have a loss of appetite ...

Lamictal dosage from 500 mil to 1200 mil?

Posted 19 Aug 2009 by lasvegas cecilia 3 answers

maximum recommended dosage of lamictal or lamotrigene? i was switchd 5 months ago from lamictal to the generic lamotrigen, i think because of this i started having increased partial/complex partial seizures. My Dr then increased my dosage from 500 to 1200 milligrams a day. Pharmacy, and I ...

I have been on clonazepam for more than 10years. More like about 14yrs. It was prescribed to me by?

Posted 22 Nov 2014 by tessiebell 2 answers

my GP. I am 56yrs old. I have been on short term then LTD and now Canada Disability Pension over past 4 years. My Dr. d/c'd a few of my medications and lowered the dose of one, but until my daughter sent me info on Long Term Side Effects of Clonazepam I had no idea and am not sure why my Dr. ...

Hello Group! Topomax + Phentermine??

Posted 30 Oct 2014 by 4N Substances 1 answer

My MD has added the smallest dose of Phentermine to my 200 mg of Topomax for weight loss. Is this a drug combination I can safely stay on for awhile? I've had no negative side effects. I'm off nearly all my meds now, kicked Straterra and Viibryd to the curb-Yippee! I still take Diovan for ...

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