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I treated for scabies 3 days ago. Since then I have new bites on me. Does this mean I still have it?

Posted 6 Feb 2013 by Slashes 5 answers

I have washed all bedding including pillows and my daughter, husband and I have treated with Premarin. My daughter doesn't have anymore bites on her and my husband only has a few. I have them all over and there are new ones everyday. Can I treat again now with the Premarin? If not, what can I ...

I was wondering does scabies also cause itchy knots on forehead?

Posted 12 days ago by 5906 0 answers

I've had a couple

Scabies - If a couple has it and the treatment is done best at the same time is it actually ok to?

Posted 12 days ago by Prefernottosay 0 answers

... take them at different times but within the 8 hours we work different shifts so if I do the treatment at like six am and he does it at 7 am will that effect anything

What are these bumps on my hands?

Posted 14 days ago by Becki82726 0 answers

Originally I freaked out and thought I had scabies. But there's only an occasional itch, not intense and it's not between my fingers. It looks like a tiny white liquid filled bump to begin with, I think as I have a new one. When it gets old, it turns brown and after that I'm left ...

Permethrin - I was diagnosed with scabies and my daughter as well. The physician only treated her?

Posted 28 Mar 2017 by Pamdscott 1 answer

... and I and with only one dose permathrin. Is that right? Should my entire family be treated as well??

Diagnosed with scabies 3 weeks ago?

Posted 6 Feb 2017 by NanHarWatson 0 answers

I have cleaned clothes, dry clean and hot wash and dry, bedclothes, towels, rugs, vacuumed furniture. Everything suggested I do. I also have had 2 txs of permethrin. Am I scabies free. I have many places that look like they are scaled over and still itch. How long does it take for this to go away.

I need help with understanding scabies?

Posted 15 Sep 2016 by KatieRockz 1 answer

Can you answer me a,question please

Is it possible to have shingles without the flu-like symptoms?

Posted 30 Aug 2016 by Question582 1 answer

Yesterday, my chest started itching a lot. I thought it was a bug bite but when I got home I realized that it was a rash. Scabies is going around in my school, but today I went to the urgent care and they told me that I have shingles. I have been vaccinated and have never had chicken pox. I also do ...

Why do I have dark specks coming out of my skin after using the prescription cream for scabies?

Posted 1 Aug 2016 by tried of scabies 0 answers

Does this mean that the mites are dead? I've used the cream twice. What to use to get the specks out of my skin.

I have been diagnosed with scabies, but how I acquired the infestation is a mystery. Live alone; no?

Posted 6 Jul 2016 by question re scabies 0 answers

... sexual partners; and I really don't care for physical contact (hugs, kisses, etc). How can I avoid re-infestation if I can not identify the source? Thank you

Scabies - This is very hard to get rid of albenza sheep medicine at Amazon has helped, tried?

Posted 12 Jun 2016 by Sylvestermtison 0 answers

... ivermectin, and all the other Doctor RX creams that do not work. Almost one and a half years of fighting it. It takes over 35 days to cure at 10 ml twice a day, must take with fatty meal. Will make you nauseated but it is the best thing so far

Hi everyone. Has anyone ever taken albenza or mebendazole for scabies?

Posted 11 Mar 2016 by Undefeated 3 answers

I've had scabies for over year and have suffered at trying to alleviate these things and rid them from my body and tried everything. Ivermectin 5X Permethrin 5x benzyl benzoate turpentine oil for my scalp pine tar Nustock stock and a host of stuff I bought online and essential oils. I read a ...

On pretozone once I'm off rash comes back?

Posted 20 May 2016 by Dawn Jasiczek 3 answers

I have been to the doctor every week since April 10th. At first hey said I had scabies so they treated me for that. The rash came back. The doctor put me on pretozone (I took 4 pills for 3 days 3 for 3 days and so on) as soon as I was off rash came back. Thy did allergy tests and nothing came back ...

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