I've been dealing with this infestation for almost 7 months. Like most of you, nobody would believe me when I said that I knew it was mites. I was told by everyone it was psychological (even though I had strangers ask me if I had the chickenpox bc I was in such bad shape). I was eventually in the ER and diagnosed with scabies but the cream was no match for these monsters. I then went to a dermatologist and was prescribed ivermectin. I'm immunocompromised so I can't fight anything off. The first dose was a miracle. They were dying by the hundreds. My skin has been peeling bad! I started to notice new bites popping up but nothing in my sheets or blankets. I went ahead and took a second dose 5 days ago and its like I woke them up. The itching and awful stinging are torture again. I don't understand why it's happening when I took another dose of ivermectin. Anybody experience this before and if so, what was the outcome? I pray that they haven't re-populated.