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How long will a ritalin (20 mg) show up in a urine test?

Posted 5 Feb 2013 by justwonderin 1 answer

If someone took one ritalin 20 mg pill, how long will the ritalin be in their urine?

How does concerta interact with marijuana?

Posted 7 Dec 2009 by Anon. 3 answers

I have been taking concerta for a long time, i started on ritalin, i have ADHD. i have been considering experimenting with marijuana, but have been told that it can be extremely bad, fatal even. I now take 54mg of concerta daily. i want to know more about the results of having both and, if i do ...

My 9 year old was just put on Ritalin for ADD and at times he's very emotional?

Posted 26 Mar 2013 by KT1975 4 answers

We are still trying to figure out his dosage, but so far he seems to be doing well on it-we are doing 10mg for now. By the end of the day though or even sometimes during the middle of the day, he gets very emotional-is this normal with Ritalin? Some days he'll cry or get upset over nothing and ...

Does Adult ADHD cause fatigue?

Posted 20 Apr 2012 by COXSK 7 answers

I was diagnosed with extreme Adult ADHD. I started taking Vyvanse and it worked great. I changed med plans and Vyvanse is really expensive now. I've tried Adderal, Concerta, Ritalin and now I'm taking Concerta and Ritalin. I'm tired all the time. Does anyone know anything about ...

Ritalin LA vs. Concerta (ER)?

Posted 22 Mar 2015 by Sida 1 answer

After several attempts to find which ADHA medication that worked for my child, Ritalin LA 20 mg. did the trick (all the non-extended medications were wearing off around 1:00 PM). He takes one 20 mg. capsule at 7:20 AM with breakfast, has a good school day, and the medication is worn off around 4:30 ...

Is there such thing as a ritalin pill with 20 on one side and an M in a box on? ...round and white?

Posted 13 Jan 2013 by courtneyvanover 1 answer

do they make a 20mg ritalin, round and white with a 20 on one side, and the letter "m" inside of a square box?

Ritalin vs Vyvanse - What's the difference between them?

Posted 16 Mar 2016 1 answerFAQ by

How difficult is it to be prescribed to Desoxyn?I've been through the whole list of meds for add?

Posted 2 May 2012 by becca316 4 answers

The one that I've found to do "best" for me is adderall (generic) over ritalin n vyvanse. I'm also on Provigil because I'm so extremely exhausted all of the time. I also suffer from obesity, insomnia and bipolar among many other things (figures on the insomnia-dead tired ...

Ritalin vs Adderall: What is the difference?

Posted 30 Aug 2016 1 answerFAQ by

Both medications are for ADHD but which one is better?

Does anyone have experience with taking both phentermine & Ritalin?

Posted 15 Nov 2016 by sidetoad 0 answers

Can I take phentermine (for weight loss) & Ritalin (for focus at work) together? I checked the Interaction Checker and there were none reported but I took them together today and I have sort of a headache. It could be from not eating or maybe I'm just thirsty but I just want to make sure ...

Ritalin LA - is there a new form of Ritalin for occasional use in adults?

Posted 11 Nov 2016 by bldnh 0 answers

Recently diagnosed 62 year old does not want to be on medication constantly, heard about new form of the drug Ritalin

Vitamin B12 - Regarding ADHD or Anxiety , the last two days I have taken vitamin D 1000 MCG and I?

Posted 3 Oct 2016 by rftn10 0 answers

... feel more focused and more alert ? Anyone else had this effect on them? I been using Ritalin and it only lasts 1 hour tops , I'm not sure if I had a vitamin D deficiency but I feel better , hopefully it does not wear off .

Question about Adderall standard release vs. time released?

Posted 1 Oct 2016 by Profbev51 0 answers

My husband, Harry, has been diagnosed , at age 61, with moderate/ severe ADHD- His doctor, Dr. David Goodman( Johns Hopkins psychiatrist /ADHD specialist) started him on Ritalin which, after 10 weeks, didn't work at all- He was switched to Adderall, generic, standard release- He has been on ...

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