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Repatha Questions

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Are there any dangers of taking Repatha?

What is the best time of day to take Repatha?

Praluent vs Repatha: What's the difference?

Praluent compared to Repatha

Is Repatha effective without a statin?

How long should you take Repatha?

Why do you need to take Repatha (evolocumab) long term?

How long can Repatha be kept unrefrigerated?

How long do Repatha side effects last?

Can Repatha cause high blood pressure?

Is high blood pressure (hypertension) a side effect of Repatha (evolocumab)?

How do you inject Repatha?

Where on your body do you inject Repatha and how often do you inject it?

Can you drink alcohol and take Repatha?

Does Repatha cause weight gain or loss?

How fast does Repatha work?

How long does it take for Repatha to reduce LDL cholesterol levels and cardiovascular events?

How much does Repatha cost?

How does Repatha work?

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