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How to come off an addiction to pain pills without rehab?

i need to know how to get off pain killers without going to rehab. i have a very bad pain pill addiction but dont have time to go to rehab because of work. i will take just about any pain pill. lortab, darvocet, percocet, morphine, tramadol, anything and i cant stop taking them i have to have them... read more

Im still having cravings on suboxone?

Ii started suboxone a week ago today. I was on percocet for 6 years and become addicted so I went to a rehab doc & he put me on 16mg of suboxone. I started out putting 4mg of film under my tongue four times a day. The first 24hrs I noticed I didn't really have cravings. After the first... read more

Is it ok to cut the 15mg morphine tabs in half?

Some people say it's ok then others say it's wrong and can release to much into your system at once. 15mg not the extended release tabs..Maybe I shouldn't have started cutting them in half. Have a couple questions that I hope someone can answer,,, I'm trying to taper off of... read more

I am an addict and I found that Lyrica at higher dosing has similar effect on me as pain killers?

I am now going to enter a drug rehab program(it's about time!)and I am trying to ween myself off of Lyrica. How can I do this safely? I am SCARED I might have a seizure or possibly some really bad withdrawl symptoms if I just stop taking them suddenly. Does anybody know how or just the best... read more

Will doxepin, clonazapam, or zoloft show positive on a drug screening, and under what category?

My 23 year old son has been in rehab twice in the past two years and was released from the last treatment center 3 months ago. His drugs of choice were hydrocodone, oxycontin, methamphetamine, and marijuana. He has started to fall into old patterns that make his wife and I concerned that he may be... read more

How do I get off Prolia, I am sure that it is causing bone pain?

Been going to rehab for my back, it feels OK for awhile then the pain returns. This has continued for over a year. My prescribing doctor says it is not caused by the prolia. I also have one kidney and celiac disease, she knows that as well. I have had 3 injections and after being in pain so long I... read more

Can I use 2-3mg of suboxone/day for 3-4days to help with opiate withdrawl?

I've been thru rehab, outpatient, believe in god and am familiar with 12step programs. I have read so many different things online lately & thank god for that or I would probably be telling you right now how I'm on 1000mg of suboxone(exaggeration) because I wanted a 'pain free,... read more

How do you get a Vyvanse 40 mg out of your system within 24hrs?

How do you get a Vyvanse 40 mg out of your system within 24hrs? I have messed up big time, im in a drug and alcohol rehab and this morning I took **ONE** Vyvanse 40mg not knowing it would show up on a drug test as a Amphetamine. I am on a home pass right now which means you get to go home for a... read more

What is a good body wash for an elderly lady with extremely dry skin?

She is a resident in a nursing/rehab center.

Vivitrol - Can you take vivatrol if you have hep c?

My boyfriend is in rehab and is thinking about doing vivatrol but I heard you can't if you have hep c? Is this true?

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