How do you get a Vyvanse 40 mg out of your system within 24hrs?

I have messed up big time, im in a drug and alcohol rehab and this morning I took **ONE** Vyvanse 40mg not knowing it would show up on a drug test as a Amphetamine. I am on a home pass right now which means you get to go home for a little bit, in my case, 36hrs. I'm suppose to be discharged this Friday and I have already relapsed once, another relapse will put me straight back in jail because they will kick you out after your 2Nd relapse. I have been drowning myself in water and I just puked about a half hour ago from how much I had.

Is there ANY way to get it out by 9pm tomorrow afternoon, it is 10pm right now? I took it this morning at 7am.

Please, so much, help me out here! I am officially completely clean, I quit pills and everything! I have been sitting in there for 4 months and on my last week im messing up from my own STUPIDITY!!!