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Menopause - how long does it take for estradiol to start working?

Posted 27 Oct 2011 by pug1962 3 answers

Was just put on Estradiol today for menopause. Had partcial hysterectomy in 1996. Terrible mood swings,irritability, anxiety and sleep deprivation. How long before I should feel medicine start too work?

Is there a correlation between anxiety and post menopause?

Posted 5 Aug 2016 by Scout2464 2 answers

I am 52 years old and have never experienced anxiety like this until now. Is there possibly a connection between the two? My GP has prescribed Paxil 10mg for 3 months to help 'see' me through this period. I am on Day 1. This all began with my irrational reactions to health symptoms (i.e. ...

Can I use Prempro pills w. an expiration date 0f 2009 in 2016?

Posted 13 Aug 2016 by dolores dunning 0 answers

The pills are still safely wrapped in plastic and foil.

Can estradiol cause hot flashes?

Posted 2 Aug 2016 by BarbeJ 0 answers

I have had a hysterectomy and still have ovaries. I am 63. I am taking 1mg estradiol. About an hour after taking it I have hot flushes intermittent throughout the day. I take it in the morning with 20mg prosac. I am still miserable.

Getting off of Duavee?

Posted 18 Jul 2016 by KLR116 0 answers

I've been on Duavee for a little over a year. I want to get off it. Waiting to hear back from Doctor. He's on vacation.

Stopping estradiol with duloxetine reduces hot flash symptoms?

Posted 26 Jun 2016 by lysis_romulus 0 answers

This is pretty weird. I was on Prempro for years due to severe aura and HFs. The cost of Prempro has skyrocketed over the last three years so I switched to estradiol/medroxyprogesterone. I've been on duloxetine (Cymbalta) for neuropathy during this entire time. The ...

Are there any side effects to stopping the use of Climara Pro?

Posted 30 Apr 2016 by Kayti Ma 0 answers

I'm having break through bleeding and can't get to my doctor for another week. This has happened sporadically but lately it has lasted for almost a week, stopped for a week, and has now started again. I think I should stop using the patch altogether but I'm leaving town for a week ...

Gabapentin - Did anyone have a change in libido?

Posted 5 May 2016 by Mayo_ya 0 answers

Postmenopausal Symptoms - What are the early signs of menopause?

Posted 27 Mar 2016 by Tonyah33 1 answer

When is the young's women that has started menopause and what are the signs do I need to know

Birth Control and Suger pills and Peroids?

Posted 13 Jan 2016 by Ziggy0483 0 answers

Okay, I have been on my Birth Control Microgestin 1.5 FE /30 tab 28 for about 5 years to now and I always gotten my peroid with the suger pills and now it's Janurary and finally got on my suger pills I have harsh cramping and all of the normal syptoms but, not the bleeding yet and it has been ...

This is for anyone. I've been using Gabapentin 800mg about 4 years for my hernia discs and arthritis

Posted 12 Mar 2016 by ee03097 1 answer

... in my hips. I used twice a day because it's kind of strong and it work's for me very well. Now I found out that is effective for hot flashes from menopause. Question: this is true?

How long will femring effectiveness last outside the body if I need to remove it for awhile?

Posted 26 Feb 2016 by 2birish2 0 answers

It's like set it and forget it..but with my last ring that I got I have had it in now for about a month and all of a sudden I've got back pain..uterus pain and I tried to remove it and there was a lot of blood apparently inside my uterus when I removed the my question is ...

Is Cenestin still being manufactured?

Posted 1 Dec 2015 by mommad2 2 answers

I had to go off of it because pharmacy couldn't get it. I need a source.

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