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I take Junel 1.5/30 but due to a pharmacy mix up was off for 3 days and back on for4 should I worry?

Posted 6 Sep 2016 by Mixedup66 0 answers

I am usually very regular about taking My pills every night, but when the pharmacy mixed up my prescriptions I was off of them for 3 days I was taking the 4th pill in the first week when I had unprotected sex. Should I be worried about pregnancy or be taking plan B?!

Has anyone been switch from Viorlele to Kariva? If so did you have side effects?

Posted 29 Aug 2016 by Bamagirl17 0 answers

Has anyone been on Viorlele and been switched to Kariva by their pharmacy? I have been on viorlele for 4 years and all of the sudden CVS tells me its on back order. Has anyone had any problems with switching the Karivia after being on Viorlele? Im trying to loose weight and I'm scared to death ...

Plan B - Do I have to take another does of levonorgestrel if I have diarreah?? Please help ???

Posted 20 Aug 2016 by Alejandrax3333 1 answer

I had sex yesterday but the condom broke and I took the pill "take action" since there wasn't any plan b at the pharmacy, the lady stated it was the same thing as Plan B! I took the pill around 12pm the next day after having sex but 3-4 hours later I began having diarreah, should I ...

Nonoccupational Exposure - How effective will my pep drugs be when I missed some doses?

Posted 23 Aug 2016 by dextrose 0 answers

I was prescribed pep after one exposure ie insertive penile vaginal intercourse. My doctor prescribed me Atazanavir and Tenofovie as the pep regimen. However, the pharmacy mistakenly gave me Combivir instead of Tenofovir and advised that i should take one table orally per day together with the ...

Plan B One-Step - Im scared and need help!?

Posted 11 Aug 2016 by MmmLz 1 answer

I took the morning after pill july 27. 12 hours after the incident. I couldnt sleep the whole night just nervous and scared I was just waiting for the pharmacy to open. I felt all the side effects that showed vomiting, nasua, all of them it lasted for two days. The only one who knows is my ...

When it's time to put in a new Nuvaring I usually put it in around 8 or 9am at the latest. My?

Posted 7 Aug 2016 by Staceyfenster 1 answer

... pharmacy doesn't open until 11 tomorrow... Will it be okay if I have to wait an extra couple of hours to insert the new ring?

Trying to find a pharmacy in great falls Montana that has all my prescriptions that are lower than?

Posted 19 Aug 2016 by mtslacker 0 answers

I have four prescriptions that I take either daily or twice a day, and I was paying 55.00 before and now I am paying almost 70.00 for prescriptions lisinopril 10mg once daily, spironolactone 25 mg, twice daily, digoxin 125 mcg, once daily, and carvedilol 25 mg, twice daily.

Tri-Sprintec - When I finished my pack of pills I was late on the first 2 pills of my next pack?

Posted 17 Aug 2016 by kris86 0 answers

... cause pharmacy was out when I got the pack I took my first pill and then the next day I took my other pill same time of the day then I had intercourse could I be pregnant

Norgesic is the only prescription medication that helps my headaches. I was told by my pharmacy?

Posted 12 Aug 2016 by RDM55 0 answers

... that it has been discontinued. Is there any other drug that is similar in chemical makeup and that will help my headaches?

Are 500mg Azithromycin everyday for 3 days right or gave me the pharmacy wrong dosage advice?

Posted 29 Jul 2016 by Benjamin4455 0 answers

... positive, 1 month ago i started takeing doxycicline 200mg everyday for 1 month.. it didnt worked and i still have chlamydia. now my doc prescribed me a dose of 500mg Azithromycin once per day for 3 days.. but everybody takes 2x 500mg once on the internet so im confused, did the pharmacy got ...

What shall I do if I miss my pill (Yasmin) for 2 weeks straight?

Posted 24 Jul 2016 by lydias123 1 answer

I'm on holiday and I've forgotten my pill, I am with my parents who don't know I am on it so I can't leave to go to the pharmacy to get more so what shall I do? I just started a new pack on Wednesday and it is now Saturday so will I come on my period in these 2 weeks? Shall I ...

Cordran Tape - Has this medication been discontinued?

Posted 7 Aug 2016 by trinygal13 0 answers

No local pharmacies can fill rx

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