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What generic brands of diazepam work - not Mylan?

I have read & heard that the generic Mylan brand of diazepam doesn't work as it should. My insurance will not cover the brand name & it's pretty expensive. What other generic brands are out there that DO work? I use CVS as my pharmacy

What does clonidine and tramadol do when taken together?

as a pharmacy tech i have heard these drugs taken together are for drug seekers! does this cause some kind of high? i cant find any info on what these 2 drugs do to a patient when combined! thank you

Can someone be marked as a pill seeker on their medical records? If so, how can it be removed?

My wife was recently diagnosed with TMJ after 6 months of trial and error by several doctors and dentists. Her main dentist has been prescribing her pain medicine for most of the 6 months. After he did everything he could for her teeth including 3 root canals, an extraction and a bone graft, he... read more

Been taking Provigil (9 yrs), switched to generic last yr., some generics not as effective. Why?

The Par brand seems good, but other generics have decreased effectiveness or NO effect at all. I end up feeling extremely sleepy and in a fog all day. Now, the pharmacy has informed me that they can no longer order the Par brand. My insurance will only cover generic. I've called other... read more

Bupropion - Generic Cipla side effects?

Pharmacy switched my generic to Cipla brand and I've had excruciating headaches, nausea and feeling just "unwell" and itchy, but also painful bumps on my skin... Wondering if anyone else has noticed any weird effects when switching to this generic.

Does anyone know what pharmacy carries the oval Xanax and not the round ?

So they won’t tell me over the phone so I need help .. does anyone one know where I can get the oval 1mg Xanax and not the round ? I feel like the round are seeker and don’t work as well .. the oval I would even take 2 1mg over a 2mg bar ... rite aid doesn’t have them anymore (at... read more

FDA - Why does generic Adderall from Teva help my ADHD but the same generic from Zydus have no...

... effect other than upset stomach and anxiety. There is no way they can be the same. My Psychiatrist has told he can specify Teva only but I unable to get a pharmacy to keep them in stock for me. What should I do?

Can OTC Sudafed cause my urine drug screen to test positive for methamphetamines?

it would be the sudafed that is behind the pharmacy counter. this sudafed is one of the many ingredients used to manufacture meth.

Why is it so hard to find a pharmacy that has Adderall and if I do find one the generic brand they?

... have is Teva or Barr and that is the worst Adderall ever. I like Corepharma but I found a pharmacy that has Sandoz, is Sandoz Adderall any good?

Can I take the z pak while on xanax for anixety?

I am currentely taking xanax for anixety and was put on the z pak for a sinus infection.The interaction checker said no interactions.But another site said yes interaction.Pharmacy is closed SO I CAN'T CALL THEM... I hope someone may have an answer.. I need both of these medicines...... read more

Side Effect - Has anyone had bladder pain from taking Metformin??

I have been taking Metformin for many years. However I have noticed the pharmacy changed to a different "manufacturer" and the pill is different. Has anyone ever experienced bladder issues (pain, incontinence, etc.) as a side-effect of Metformin? I have searched and have not really come... read more

Dosage and duration of Augmentin-625 for sinusitis?

Hi, I am in rural India and have no access to a doctor. I have chronic sinusitis and have Augmentin-625 to treat it. How many days should I take it for? I bought it at the pharmacy here - they sell it in packs of two. Does that mean I only take it for one day (morning and night)? Or should the... read more

Can concerta be cut in half to give a half dose if you run out of med in another dose/?

My son takes 72mg, and he was on 54mg, and we have some left. We only have 1 36mg left because the pharmacy shorted us 1 pill. To equal the 72mg, could I give him a 54mg, and half a 36mg to equal the 72mg for today? His dr appt is today, I just don't want him to be without his med until we see... read more

Wellbutrin - Sudden heightened sense of smell, anyone else had this?

I called the pharmacy and they did not have heightened sense of smell as a side effect, but I think that's what's causing it. I have a very keen sense of smell but today it seems I can smell everything -- my son's BO, my dog's medicine, my basement -- all much more intense than... read more

Can I ask my pharmacy to change from one generic brand to another generic brand?

Though my doctor prescribed Sprintec (a generic brand of OrthoCyclen), the pharmacy gave me Mononessa (another generic) instead. So far it is going very well for me and I want to continue to take this brand instead of Sprintec. I know they're the basically the same but out of comfort I would... read more

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