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Hospital - What opioid is stronger, 30mg oxycodone ir or 10mg oxymorhone ir?

Posted 24 Jul 2014 by wcrain422 13 answers

I have been prescribed 30 milligram oxycodone instant release for years my doctor recently switched me to opana, 10 milligram instant release and told me it would be better for my pain however it does not feel as strong as the 30 milligram oxycodone. Which is the stronger medication and which would ...

How do these drugs show up in urine tests and how?opana,dilaudid,oc,hydrocodone,xanax,klonopin?

Posted 19 Sep 2011 6 answers

I would like to know specfically what chemicals dilaudid, opana, xanax, hydrocodone, oxycodone, klonopin, morpine, and marijuana would show up on a urine test and as to what each of these substances each breaks down to. Also would these drugs show up as the drug itself, or as a chemical, or as a ...

What do pain management physicians test for?

Posted 25 Apr 2011 by Wuteva34 2 answers

i have recently started seeing a new pain management docotor, on my first visit, i informed him that my previous doctor had me on opana 40mg 2 times a day and oxycodone 30mg 4 times a day. He began my treatment with percocet 10mg 4 times a day. (which was ridiculous because that dosage of ...

Fibromyalgia flare up HELL! Worst flare of my entire life now...

Posted 19 Aug 2011 34 answers

I have Norco, Opana, Xanax and Baclofen. I've taken all of them, to no avail !! I am afraid of the Opana situation, as some of you know my history with OxyContin, my oh so lovely cold turkey withdrawal off of it, true hell on earth it was. I've taken a hot bath, I am trying to relax, yet ...

What pain killer is egual to the Opana ER 40MG, A replacement?

Posted 27 Dec 2010 13 answers

I was having a lot of stomach trouble when I started useing the 40MG Opana ER. I used it for almost a year and when I read your site about how Opana was making other people have stomach problems as well I just stopped taking it and my stomach problems stopped. I now have regular bowl movments and ...

How much stronger is Opana than Ms Contin (morphine sulfate)?

Posted 1 Jun 2011 by sick1weary 6 answers

I get 6 30mg MsContins a day. a lot of times i have to take 5 at once in the mornings to deal with the pain. Someone I know has Opana 40mg. whats the opana 40mg equivalent to Ms Contin? Ive been told that one 40mg Opana would be as effective as the 150mg morphine I take most mornings. How much ...

I need to no what is in opana and how much oxycodone, and morphine can anyone answer this question?

Posted 16 Feb 2011 by giffordkim21 2 answers

i am curious of what the ingredients of opana 20 miligram is can anyone answer what percentage of morphine and if there even is oxycodone in this is it the same as a percocet i have recently been put on opana 20 and trying to get answers to my question anyone please and thank you!!!

Just curious about this, If Your On Methadone, will Oxycodone still work?

Posted 1 Apr 2011 by NewYorkGuy44 2 answers

I have heard and read that when someone is on Methadone, it blocks other opiates. Because My uncle has been switched from Opana to Methadone, do to lack of money, and when he was on Opana he was also taking Roxicodone 15mg for breakthrough pain. So If methadone blocks opiate receptors, ...

Question about Opana, should it always be taken on empty belly? It Don't work, is it just me? Help?

Posted 1 Jun 2012 by NewYorkGuy44 9 answers

I have just been put on this drug, although my DR's have been trying to get me to take it for many years, I was reluctant, because i have heard that it was twice as strong as Oxycontin, and i was on 120 mg 4 x a day along with 30 mg of Roxicodone 4 x a day as well, now i am on Opana er 80 mg 2 ...

Opana Reformulation?

Posted 13 Mar 2012 by Lydette 17 answers

I've had to be moved from Opana 40 mg 2x daily to morphine 60 mg 2 x daily due to the reformulation issue. Some pharmacies have begun to get Opana back in differing dosages. I've had a terrible time during this transition. In my opinion Opana is a uniquely effective pain mgmt drug. Has ...

Is opana and oxycontin basicly the same ingredience?

Posted 21 Feb 2010 by meamckie 3 answers

i ask because i have to take 40mg oxycontin every 8 hour's, i was informed of the medication opana and i'm afraid the ingredient's will be different, i had reaction from avinza the morphine capsule. i want to try the opana. i also had reaction from methadone and doctor's took ...

How long can suboxone be detected in your urine?

Posted 26 Jun 2011 by exmotoman 1 answer

i do not normally take suboxone but i took 32 mgs over the course of four days to curb my withdrawals from opana now i will take nothing for ten days how will i test when i go to doc i just need to be neg for suboxone

What milligrams do opana's come in?

Posted 16 Nov 2010 by ayeedro20 6 answers

I am curious to know what milligram does opanas come in?

Oxycodone showing up in urine when all I take is opana, any answers how that can be?

Posted 18 Aug 2011 by Cubdogg523 3 answers

2 months now oxycodone is showing positive when all I am prescribed is opana. Also they said opana didn't show up on cup quick read and I took it this am. Are they trying to pull something on me or what?

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