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Does Soliqua come with pen needles?

Has anyone stopped taking Saxenda? I'm curious to know if theres any weight gain if stopped?

In researching the effects of Saxenda and the benefits of using it I read that even after stopping the use of the needles there's no weight gain... with a healthy diet and moderate physical activity off course. I'm curious to get feedback from anyone who has stopped the needles.

Sertraline - Is pins and needles a side effect of setraline?

After taking the tablet for 9 days I stopped due to the side effects. Whilst taking the tablets I experienced many side effects such as shaking in my hands, I also had a burning sensation in my stomach, arms, legs and chest. However, after I stopped I experienced pins and needles on the left side... read more

Can amitriptyline cause tingling, pins and needles in the legs ? Will these symptoms go off over...

... time or do I have to discontinue the drug ?

Can the drug quetiapine cause numbness & severe pins & needles?

Hi I've recently started taking Quetiapine for bipolar disorder it's been sending me straight to sleep at night which is good but I have very vivid dreams also (does this usually happen?) Also after 10 days of taking the medication I woke up with a horrible numb feeling down my right... read more

Can I use my Saxenda if it’s been open for longer than a month? I mislaid the pen shortly after...

... opening and just found it in a drawer. The fluid is clear and I can replace the needle easily enough. Will this be OK to use? It feels such an expensive waste to throw it out!

Venlafaxine - does venlafaxine cause more anxiety at first?

Was on 75mg for week than upped to 150mg 3 weeks ago iv still got brain zaps like pins needles in my head and iv still got anxiety how long will or do they take to work thanks

While donating plasma 9 days ago, I forgot the needle was in my arm and slightly bent my arm?

Donating plasma and bent my arm slighty forgetting about the needle. It hurt but not terribly. After my arm was sore around the donation site. The pain has since moved more up my arm. My whole bicep area hurts. Feels more like a bad bruise with some jolts of pain. Maybe nerve related. I don't... read more

Is anyone with open-angle glaucoma currently taking Topamax for migraine prevention? I'm?

... apprehensive about starting it because of the possible side effect of closed-angle glaucoma. I have had trabeculectomy, glaucoma needle revision surgery, and cataract removal in both eyes. Have had open-angle glaucoma for 20 years. Now I have lots of floaters and some flashes in left eye after... read more

Depo-Provera - Prolonged pain in injection site?

I've taken depo before. This new version of depo with the shorter needle. First one left an indention. They blew it off. The second one also left a permanent indention but also has prolonged pain that comes and goes. Any idea as to what could be the reason and should I be concerned?

Why do I have a sharp needle like pain in my elbow?

Everytime I put my elbow down/ lean on it, sometimes I feel a needle like feeling stabbing it. What could this be? When I work out it doesn’t bother me or hurt.

What happens if you have to stop methotrexate suddenly?

I’ve been on methotrexate injections for 3 months, and my pharmacy has been out of syringes! Pharmacies near me have a needle shortage, said due to covid vaccinations & have been waiting for them to get back in stock. I have not been able to give myself the injection and It’s been 1... read more

What is common between Comtrex and Panadol?

I have terrible flu. Unfortunately, after using Comtrex or Panadol, I suffer from the same reactions (feeling of needles in my fingers then they start swelling). What (on the shelf) medication can I take to relieve my flu symptoms (nose & throat congestion & allergy like mild cough) and... read more

I found a needle with dark red liquid in it. Turns Brown when put on paper, room mate had hidden.?

... Does anyone know what it could be

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