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Has anyone stopped taking Saxenda? I'm curious to know if theres any weight gain if stopped?

Posted 4 Sep 2017 by bev-1 1 answer

In researching the effects of Saxenda and the benefits of using it I read that even after stopping the use of the needles there's no weight gain... with a healthy diet and moderate physical activity off course. I'm curious to get feedback from anyone who has stopped the needles.

I've been off Lyrica for several weeks, however, continue to suffer from side effects...

Posted 21 Apr 2018 by Daisyrain 1 answer

... (pins and needles, nerve pain, muscle twitching). How long might this continue? The symptoms are effecting my sleep, bringing on frequent migraines and putting a majority of normal activities on hold.

Does Humira affect sperm count?

Posted 19 days ago by Garebare365 0 answers

I will be starting Remicade or Humira soon and I'm just wondering if taking a needle to shut down my immune system will it affect my Sperm? I'm 19

Chances of side effects of Depo-Provera Subq 104?

Posted 14 Mar 2018 by Megancoplin0614 0 answers

I just got the depo provera subq 104 shot yesterday, which is injected in the stomach,less dosage, and smaller needle. I researched, but apparently not well enough. I am very worried if I will have irregular bleeding, a lot of weight gain, and decrease in sex drive. I did take the plan b pill in ...

Bydureon - Side effects and how long do they last?

Posted 2 Jan 2018 by Sharon Cann 1 answer

My husband has been on the Bydureon Exenatide 2mg for 4 weeks, For 24 to 48 hours he is a complete write off, Nausea, Chronic headaches, Just feeling crap, Needle site pain with red itchy welts which he still has from the first needle site, I have read where both reactions can pass and stay ...

I'm looking for a new pain Drs. As my primary moved out of state?

Posted 2 Jan 2018 by J ay 1 answer

I'm am looking for one that isn't afraid to prescribe something because the predisone shots didn't work. As well as I'm afraid of needles and my surgeon said, no won't do my surgery of it's in there

I found a needle with dark red liquid in it. Turns Brown when put on paper, room mate had hidden.?

Posted 22 Nov 2017 by Rosie331 1 answer

... Does anyone know what it could be

This is regarding the medication Bydureon needle pen for diabetis 2 more deytails below?

Posted 17 Dec 2017 by linda sandown 0 answers

I have been a diabetic 2 for a few years and have been given various medication with metformin also mixed with other forms tablets . I have had a severe reaction to all types of metformin drugs with violent sickness bouts an very severe painful stomach cramps I have been given in place Bydureon ...

Why do I have a sharp needle like pain in my elbow?

Posted 27 Oct 2017 by lyly1993 1 answer

Everytime I put my elbow down/ lean on it, sometimes I feel a needle like feeling stabbing it. What could this be? When I work out it doesn’t bother me or hurt.

I'm on the Depo needle for contraception?

Posted 19 Nov 2017 by Dimity92 1 answer

I'm on the Depo needle for contraception. I had my 5th or 6th needle start of last month and have been non stop bleeding since I got it done. Can I fall pregnant?

I have a severe fear of needles, shots, IV's and doctors and dentists. I think because my mom...

Posted 12 Nov 2017 by debbieszoo 0 answers

... used to take me and my brother so so often, after I turned 18 I swore I would never go to one again. Over the years I have had to see a ear nose throat who treated me for ear infection. I had 3 kids and almost every moment before their birth I have blocked out - somehow i made it to 52 yrs old ...

Multiple Sclerosis - Is anyone on aubagio, do you have side effects you can't live with?

Posted 7 Oct 2017 by Nanla 1 answer

I don't like the way it makes me feel increase in numbness and pins and needles all over, looks like my legs are getting bigger, muscle and joint pain increse.stomach fullness number brain feeling.needed to change meds. because of break through attacks with rebif,was on rebif for over 10 yrs.ok

Valtrex - How to treat my first case of shingles pain? I'm 72. Did not have vaccine. I live alone?

Posted 5 Sep 2017 by Pamela Janis 1 answer

Burning between & under shoulder blades. Amy activity causes shortness of breath. Sporadic needle - like pain in feet, arms & legs. Rash appeared 8/23. Valacyclovir prescribed 8/28. Rash subsiding while pain increasing. What other Rx could I take? Will Advil help?

How long are you intended to be on Amiodarone?

Posted 7 Aug 2017 by Jan Darby 1 answer

I have now been on Amiodarone for over 5 years, it has affected my eyes and I have pins and needles in my hands,so much so that I have had to have sleeping tablets

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