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Air conditioning- cramps and pins and needles?

Posted 2 Jun 2017 by Sarah94goldx 1 answer

I am really worried, last summer I was getting a tight muscle pain in legs and arms from air conditioning and a fan, and occasionally I would get pins and needles I was freaking out that it was MS however I had no other symptoms... anyway a few weeks ago I had the fan on and they've seemed ...

Is Byetta a pill or needle?

Posted 29 May 2017 by Blanca Garcia 1 answer

I used a sample of pramasone 2. 5% on my feet?

Posted 18 May 2017 by bandra 0 answers

I got intense burning felt like needle pricks in the area. The lot number of the sample is 16064B, exp.7/17. What is the reason for this reaction?

I was given one shot of Lovenox on Saturday , April 29, 2017 at Gulf Coast Hospital in the CDU. It?

Posted 12 May 2017 by xxraniz12 0 answers

dropped my Heartrate to 23 in a matter of seconds the Doctor who came into the room with 8 other people said " YOU MUST BE AFRAID OF NEEDLES" has this ever happened to anyone else?

Trulicity - I did not hold the needle in place after injecting did I still get the medication?

Posted 26 Apr 2017 by Cool beans 0 answers

I injected myself but did not hold in place. I pulled it away right after sticking myself

Spotting on the Depo shot, is this normal?

Posted 24 Mar 2017 by Kdog3 1 answer

I have been on the depo shot for about 2 1/2 years now and prire to that I was on the pill. From my first needle it took 9 months before I saw a period again but that was it no more blood not even spotting until now. I have just started a stricked new died and excersise it's day 5 and I ...

Depo-Provera - I've been on the Depo shot for over a year now and since I got my first needle I've?

Posted 15 Mar 2017 by Bishops2 1 answer

... never had my period or even spotting, within the last week I've had spotting (some times light spotting others heavier spotting) but now the last two days I've had my period... Is that normal? TMI but if you need to know my boyfriend and I had unproctected sex about a week and a half ...

Bad headaches only when increasing Topamax dose ??

Posted 28 Jan 2017 by migrainesuf1166 2 answers

I've been noticing along with the other typical side effects like pins and needles, bad taste, no appetite that are normal with this med, and also subside for me for the most part after a few weeks, I also get really bad headaches. Which is ironic being that this is why I am taking it in the ...

After 7 years is my IUD coming out?

Posted 3 Feb 2017 by Tootersmom06 1 answer

I have had about 3 months ago I started having this sharp stabbing pain like I was being poked with a needle in my vaginal area it's so bad sex is a no and walking or sitting is very uncomfortable and I have a milky like discharge and sometimes now I feel itchy I don't remember feeling my ...

Can the Implanon cut through the skin and come out?

Posted 12 Jan 2017 by Anon Ymous 0 answers

I got my Implanon inserted two days ago, its been healing quite well and there is next to no bruising. The end of the rod opposite to the incision from the needle seems to be a little closer to the surface of the skin which results in the tip of the Implanon bulging out a little causing a visible ...

Edarbyclor - Can missing a few doses give a sharp pain from the bottom of your foot?

Posted 4 Jan 2017 by Ricard 0 answers

I missed a few doses and the bottom of my left foot has a sharp needle like pain in every time I try to walk

Depo-Provera - Does anyone get very little periods?

Posted 24 Dec 2016 by Selena2017 1 answer

I was on the birth control needle for two months and I have my period it is so little it only last 1 or 2 days I was just wondering I had some born discharge before and then I had my period does. Any one have a brown discharge ?

Can the drug quetiapine cause numbness & severe pins & needles?

Posted 28 Oct 2016 by Bella77 2 answers

Hi I've recently started taking Quetiapine for bipolar disorder it's been sending me straight to sleep at night which is good but I have very vivid dreams also (does this usually happen?) Also after 10 days of taking the medication I woke up with a horrible numb feeling down my right ...

Is anyone with open-angle glaucoma currently taking Topamax for migraine prevention? I'm?

Posted 27 Sep 2016 by rjgausep 1 answer

... apprehensive about starting it because of the possible side effect of closed-angle glaucoma. I have had trabeculectomy, glaucoma needle revision surgery, and cataract removal in both eyes. Have had open-angle glaucoma for 20 years. Now I have lots of floaters and some flashes in left eye after ...

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