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I've had headaches everyday for more than a month, please help?

Posted 21 Jan 2017 by katherineyoung 11 answers

For the past month or two Ive had headaches that start at about 1:00 pm and last until I fall asleep at night. These headaches have been accompanied by some neck pain/stiff neck. The pain is usually on the sides of my head but sometimes spread to the back. Falling asleep has been harder and I ...

How long does it take once you stop prednisone for the side effects to go away?

Posted 12 Oct 2016 by Marie1479 3 answers

How long does it take once you stop Prednisone for the side effects to go away? I feel like I've been hit by a truck. It's a very strange pain that I have in my hips, my shoulders, and my neck. I am borderline nauseous and lightheaded. It's been 5 days off the drug.

Extreme pain in shoulder and down arm?

Posted 6 days ago by amblock31 2 answers

My right shoulder starting hurting about a week ago, thought I had pulled a muscle, but then the pain started spreading up to my neck and down the back of my arm and my front forearm. There is pressure along my ribcage as well. The pain and burning intensifies when I'm sitting but feels better ...

Had double by pass and valve replaced a month ago and getting ready for neck surgery and 'n having?

Posted 6 days ago by creel55 3 answers

panick acttacks. is this normal ?

Lamotrigine - I just started taking lamotrigin 10 days ago. I am having headaches, blurred vision,?

Posted 5 days ago by Rh64 2 answers

... neck pain, sore mouth, itching and just began noticing small red/purple spots on my skin. i want to stop taking it. what do i do?

New daily headache for over two weeks?

Posted 12 days ago by Eleanore B 3 answers

Has anyone experienced this? At first I thought it was due to recently recovering from the flu but that was a month ago. I started with soreness and pain on scalp at top of head. My neck, which has given me problems for years, hurts as well. Each day, I awaken with slight headache which may subside ...

How many of you are sicker now than before Harvoni?

Posted 26 Jan 2017 by Mike Conwell 4 answers

I myself am sicker than hell, brain doesn't function, joint hurt like hell, eye sight is shot, already had neck and back surgery since treatment with no prior problems. Anyone else thinking about doing this poisonous drug had better do their research. It's no good

Baclofen - Indication for chronic back pain?

Posted 27 Jan 2017 by Mario269 3 answers

What is the benefits of baclofen for severe neck and back problem.

Burns - External - I dropped the fire off my cigerate onto my neck was trying hard to get it off but

Posted 2 Feb 2017 by gg1957 2 answers

... it made a blister on my neck right in the middle of my neck what is the best thing i can do help asap i am using triple antibiotic cream on it because i am concerned about infection i would like to know if i need to cover with some type bandage or what is should do without going to Dr.

When I eat anything, the left side of my throats swells?

Posted 2 Feb 2017 by DeannaLynne1012 1 answer

It seems that whenever I eat anything, under my tongue gets irritated, like a burning feeling. And when that happens, my neck swells. And it's only on the left side. It'll happen a couple times and then go away for a week or so then come back. Any ideas what this is?

Gabapentin - Has anyone experienced severe weight gain on this?

Posted 14 Dec 2016 by lmac420 3 answers

I have bulging discs and pinched neck nerve and was prescribed this. I'm 50 and gaining weight easily so that is my concern. Thank you everyone

I was on tramadol (150 mg) a day for 3 years before having C-3 thru C-6 neck surgery ten weeks ago.?

Posted 29 Dec 2016 by GrW6984T 3 answers

... I still have some pain after surgery but not as bad. However my mood is terrible and I have NO energy at all !!! I feel more depressed and very very fatigued. Could the Tramadol have been enhancing my mood such as an anti-depressant as well as treating my pain ?

When can I safely stop Augmentin?

Posted 13 Jan 2017 by ccener 0 answers

My doctor gave me Augmentin when I saw him for stuffy nose, sore throat, swollen glands in neck, no fever. After 4 days all symptoms other than some nasal stuffiness are gone BU, I am having an IBS flare-up (stomach upset, loose stool, belly spasms) and would like to get off the Augmentin. He ...

I found out I have high male hormones and hair loss should I take spironolactone?

Posted 13 Dec 2016 by Jessln 3 answers

Please help! A year ago I started getting cystic acne on my neck and then I noticed oily skin and acne on my back and then my hair started shedding. I used to only have to wash my hair once every four days and it has gotten to the point that I now have to wash every single day. I'm ...

Could a muscle relaxer for my neck be the cause of pain in my arm? It's helped my neck but I'm sore?

Posted 31 Dec 2016 by Chellelmatt 1 answer

I was recently prescribed a muscle relaxer for my neck. It has helped tremendously, but now my upper arm muscle is sore on the same side. Could it just be that things are settling back in after being tense or out of whack for three weeks?

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