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How long does it take once you stop prednisone for the side effects to go away?

Posted 12 Oct 2016 by Marie1479 3 answers

How long does it take once you stop Prednisone for the side effects to go away? I feel like I've been hit by a truck. It's a very strange pain that I have in my hips, my shoulders, and my neck. I am borderline nauseous and lightheaded. It's been 5 days off the drug.

Are there any low risk/low side effect medications that will help with facial and neck twitch/spasms

Posted 3 days ago by angeebe 1 answer

... caused by 2 yrs of being given too strong a dose of Latuda? I was started on 80mg worked fine until weight loss surgery. Doc increased dose to 160 because i was unable to eat solid food for a time and she said i was not recieving full dose of 80mg. Dosage was never lowered when i was able to ...

Paxil - I had real bad anxiety/social anxiety?

Posted 15 days ago by Davidanthony_M 2 answers

Ibeenhavimg the worat anxiety for a bout going on two years since 2015 to the point where my face got all stiff and neck i had loss of vision and PLENTY more other symptoms sysmptome were so bad to the point where i couldnt finish school i cant keep a job i been getting ill on and off for 2 years ...

After 3 days of taking rivaroxaban have started getting a rash on face and neck. Will this go away?

Posted 9 days ago by mscmee123 1 answer

Rash is a little tingly and pain occasionally in my left ankle.

Giant Cell Arteritis - I was just diagnosed with GCA this week and currently in a horrible flare up?

Posted 20 Apr 2017 by militarymom68 3 answers

... How long do these last and how often? Can I expect to be normal again? I cant work or sleep at the moment. My hands, neck, jaw and head hurt severely. I'm on 60 mgs of prednisone and pain meds and muscle relaxers

I need some advice I dont know what to do?

Posted 19 days ago by jenniferjordan063 1 answer

Last year I had hit the back of my head off the wall didn't seek medical attention. Well ever since then I get pressure in the back of my head and it causes my neck to hurt. I've had blood work done everything was good. I also had a CT scan done and all of that was good. I also had ...

Pregnancy - What cream is safe to use in the skin after a Basal cell Carcinoma surgery if I am preg?

Posted 15 days ago by carocolombia 0 answers

pregnant? I am pregnant (6 weeks) and was diagnosed with a Basal cell Carcinoma in a mole on my neck. I am going to have surgery to remove the carcinoma. What cream is safe to use during pregnancy for the scar after the surgery.

Butrans patch covered with a Tegaderm to make it stay down?

Posted 3 May 2017 by JCohorn 0 answers

I wear the Butrans patch for my neck which I'm gonna have surgery soon on. I work on cars for a living in a hot shop and the first day the edges started coming up so like the instructions say I got a clear Tegaderm patch to put over it to help it stick better, it's doing a great job ...

Long term use. My doctor wants to take me off Esgic because I am on too many medications?

Posted 25 Apr 2017 by luvjam 1 answer

I have been on Esgic for over 20 years and has saved my tension neck headaches. I went through a bout of rebound headaches about 15 years ago and haven't had a problem since. I know my grandmother was on it till she was 89 when she died of Parkinson's. Can I doctor just stop a medication ...

When someone says "my neck bone is increasing or growing in size" what's the actual disease?

Posted 27 Apr 2017 by Mansi Rai 0 answers

People called it sciatica.. But sciatica is pain in lower back.. Tell me the exact disease name for it..

Rash On Back Of Neck From Grass?

Posted 20 Apr 2017 by TheHomoHorsw 0 answers

I was harness training my dog in my yard, and sat down to take a break. I laid down after a bit, and the grass was directly on my neck. It was also on my arms. But as I got up, there was a huge red rash on the back of my neck. It iches, sort of aches, and is only in my neck! It's just my ...

Need help with answers on neck muscles?

Posted 16 Apr 2017 by jenniferjordan063 0 answers

So a year ago I had hurt the back of my head my daughter and I was swinging each other and she accidentally let go and I hit the back of my head real hard it hurt for a few days after and that was it. A few months went by I ended up getting these pressure kinda feeling headaches. So I been to ...

Started Lyrica 4 days ago. 2 days later chest pain treated with nitro and now today there's a rash?

Posted 9 Apr 2017 by TeresaRay 1 answer

My mom started Lyrica 75mg at bedtime 4 days ago. Since starting she had chest pain 2 days ago and today she has a rash on her neck, breast, and back. She has had a quadruple open heart with stets from her heart to her legs, she only has one kidney and it functions way below normal. Question: Is ...

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