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I had a MRI in 2010 which said I have Spinal stenosis.My lower back pain is so bad in the morn. I?

... have to roll out of bed. It seems to be getting worse.I finally have my Medicare and have an appointment with a pain management Dr. I have been taking Oxycodone 30mg they work for about 4 to 5 hrs then my pain starts again. I had a phone consult with a surgeon and the surgery costs 100,000.00... read more

Naproxen 500 not working for sciatica pain?

I had X-ray and MRI done showed I had budging disc in L4 and L5 also mild arthritis and when I when to er they said I had sciatica so my doctor gave me naproxen but it isn't working. I have a husband and 4 little ones to look after and this pain is to much. Also I was given a muscle relaxer... read more

How often should you have an MRI done if you have bulging discs?

My neurologist wants to do another MRI on my back. He was surprised to learn that my pain management doctor has not ordered a more recent MRI. I have had bulging discs for 3 years. I had a CT scan 3 years ago for diagnosis. I had a MRI done a year and a half ago and it still showed bulging discs. I... read more

Meloxicam 15 mg - Not helping pain in knee, Why?

Dr put me on meloxicam as he thinks I have rhumatoid arthritis of knee but the pain is unbearable. I had an xray and its definitely arthritis. Waiting for MRI now. I'm also on BuTrans 30mg, pregablin 200mg mornings and 300mg at night as I also have fibro and S1/L5 can anyone help or advise... read more

How long before my MRI should I take Xanex?

Can I get my MRI films the same day I have the test?

How soon can I get my MRI results after the test? Does the radiologist have to read them first or can I get the films the same day as the test?

I have a titanium rod in my back. Can I have an MRI?

I was told by one of the clerks at the MRI clinic that I can have an MRI as long as it is titanium and no other metal including screws. Is this true or will I have to have a cat scan for the rest of my life?

Side Effect - I was given citalopram 40 mgs and lost my taste and smell. went and had an mri and?

... everything looked good. except the dr said it won't come back. i ask if there was away to do a test on my tongue for taste and smell all he said was it won't come back i need help in finding someone else for better results

Prolia - Excessive pain in the groin, hip and upper thigh for a week. What can I do for it?

I was diagnosed with Multiple Myloma 5 weeks ago.I'm receiving Chemo, 3 weeks on and one week off. I told my regular doctor and my cancer doctor about this pain. They ordered an MRI, which came out negative, but have not prescribed anything else for this pain. I've only received one shot... read more

Has anyone experienced severe pain with Prolia?

I got my first dose of Prolia last April. In May I started having pain in the right foot. The MRI showed swelling around the tendons. Then it hit the left foot. In July it had spread to the back of my calves. In Oct I got the second injection. By Thanksgiving day I could barely walk. Nerve pain,... read more

Do Butrans transdermal patches contain metal?

I’m concerned about my Butrans patch while having an MRI of my foot. Does it contain any metal or substance that could cause burning in the MRI

How long can you safely take 300mg. Gabapentin, 3X daily?

I have had 2 back surgeries including a double-fusion using my own bone. After 20 years I developed terrible back pain and sciatica. An MRI showed significant arthritis, calcification and stenosis. I also have migraines and the Gabapentin has helped a lot in both areas, with minimal side effects.

I took 2 mg. lorazepam an hour before an MRI, and felt nothing. I was hoping to sleep through it,?

... or be zonked out. I took another 2 mg. of lorazepam 20 minutes before MRI and still little or nothing. I was talking and walking the whole way home, didn't sleep until that afternoon. I'm sort of amazed after readlng these boards. I think I may just go back to Valium for MRIs. I... read more

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