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How long before my MRI should I take Xanex?

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leager129 5 May 2015

Unfortunately, my MRI's have been/will be on my head so I can't do the open one. :( I took Xanax for the first one and will ask my psychiatrist tomorrow to prescribe that or valium.

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angel1662 30 Jan 2015

Hello grandmaof5
I have to agree with kaismama and pamee... I would say about a half hr before if you are taking it to calm you to do the mri... Trust me I hate closed in Mri's and as kaismama stated they have the open one's and even though I am on klonopin I still go to the open one's I went to a closed one and they had to pull me out cause I couldn't deal with being enclosed like that... something you might want to consider for future... the open one's r so so much better and It doesn't even bother me to were I need to take something I am on klonopin for panic/ agoraphobia... if you do take the xanax try and get someone to drive you home... hope this helps..GOD BLESS...

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Inactive 29 Jan 2015

I would say between 30 minutes to an hour and be sure to have someone drive you after.

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balbanese 29 Jan 2015

Not sure it matters as far as the MRI is concerned.

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kaismama 29 Jan 2015

Hopefully you aren't driving because I'd say at least an hour before. There are new mri machines out there that don't cause that anxiety because they are open and quiet. I refused to schedule one except in an open mri.

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