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Diazepam - I have to take 5 mg Valium before my MRI. When should I take it?


MuseMyself 28 April 2019

Even though, it’s rapid long lasting benzodiazepine. It can take up to 40min. to kick in. Try not to eat a high fat meal beforehand because, it also affects how it will work. Usually, it lasts for most people four or more hours who don’t have a high tolerance to the medicine.
So, try to take it 40min. beforehand to make sure it kicks in and you should be fine.
I hope everything goes well. Take care!

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Kbaracuda 28 April 2019

Thank you!! Very helpful

travel4171 27 April 2019

In order to relax prior to and remain relaxed during, take it about 30 minutes before. Note. Don’t assume it will be done exactly at your appt time. Check first to see if they’re running on schedule so you’re not sitting in the waiting room wasting your ‘everything’s lovely’ time reading People magazines. I hope that helps answer your question. I’ve had MRIs and they make a thunk thunk noise but unless you’re wildly claustrophobic, they’re more boring than anything else. Sometimes they have a pretty picture above to look at. Sometimes you just have to amuse yourself. Hope it turns out well and no worries at all!

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travel4171 27 April 2019

and the less you have in your stomach the better the Valium works. Also, best to not wear anything with metal or wires or jewelry/belts you don’t mind handing over. If you click on helpful, I know you got these and it helped. Thanks

Kbaracuda 27 April 2019

Thank you. That was very helpful free discount card

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