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Is it possible for my period to be very light and just consist of brownish spotting?

Posted 25 Mar 2013 by annme 2 answers

This is my second month on Generess fe and the side effects such as nausea and mood swings have dramatically decreased since the first month. When i began the placebo pills at the end of the first month I almost immediately got my period and it was a very steady flow minus the cramps. I have taken ...

What are differences between birth control pill and Depo shot?

Posted 1 Apr 2014 by MommaSmith 2 answers

Side effects, weight gain, mood swings, etc... looking for answers for my 16 year old daughter...

Am I pregnant? I have the depot shot tho since May 12?

Posted 19 days ago by Maratrumble13 0 answers

I have had the depot in since May 12 and I had sex b4 and right afterwards and im having bad headaches tummy cramps but no periods and I been having mood swings uncontrollably but I took my anger meds and I feel nausea and I been puking am i pregnant?

I am 39 yrs and I suffer from.anxiety and very bad mood swings?

Posted 17 Jun 2017 2 answers

I am 39 yrs and i suffer from.anxiety and very bad mood swings i get angry for just any little thing. Theres times i just stay in my room.cuz i dont want my family to see me le this. My dr started me with xanax rx 1mg first day and 2nd day it was ok 3rd day i couldnt wake up my body felt very heavy ...

Can the implanon cause quick depression, anger,mood swings from happy then 5 minutes sad, thoughts?

Posted 27 Jun 2016 by Iluv2pierce 3 answers

My daughter believes she is going crazy,i believe it is because of the B C implanon,complete mood and personality change horrible mood swings.full of anger. She has never been this way ever, usually smiling,laughing and cheering everyone else up. She says she doesn't know why this happening ...

Hi I have Severe MDD and have rapid daily mood swings and get very angry easily over little things?

Posted 27 May 2017 by luke uno 1 answer

Thinking about asking to try Seroquel XR in addition to my Latuda 60mgs, Lamictal 100mgs, Remeron 45mgs and Konopin 2mgs BID. Anyone have experience with low dose Seroquel XR on top of another antipsychotic?

What causes your Dilantin level to drop?

Posted 10 Jun 2017 by buonogang 1 answer

I had been at a level for 3 months and had hip surgery and taking different medications such as pain medicines and also given Seroquel for mood swings

Implanon - Should I stay on the implant for a few more months or get it removed?

Posted 5 Jun 2017 by Shel95 1 answer

I have been on the implant since 31st December 2016. Because I had the pill and did like how it made me feel but the rod stop me from getting pregnant but that's makes me have mood swings and weird periods. I can stand it for now but I was wondering if I should get it out after a year to see ...

I am on Abilify 10 mg and Wellbutrin XL 300mg and the drugs have a major interaction?

Posted 30 May 2017 by Blake2077 0 answers

I have tried to go off or lower my dose of Abilify with supervision and help of a psychiatrist and it was unsuccessful. I have bipolar mood swing disorder and feel much more stable on this combination but worried about the dangers of combining the two. Does anyone know anything about this or have ...

Irregular bleeding between period?

Posted 17 May 2017 by racheyjanney 0 answers

Hi, I recently took the contraceptive pill for the first time for about a week, but stopped taking it since it gave me dreadful mood swings. A few days after I stopped taking it I came on my period two weeks early, but it was a very very light, short period. I have now came on my period again a ...

Nortrel 1/35 -I got my period on the Tuesday on second week on first pack, is that normal?

Posted 16 May 2017 by kenken10 0 answers

I got a very heavy flow and bad cramps, headaches, breast pain, mood swing, and back pain on this period- all of which are not normal for me. i was wondering if getting my period this early into the pack and bad symptoms are normal?

9 months of spotting or heavy periods on Depo Shot?

Posted 2 May 2017 by chloelouise 1 answer

I have been on the Depo Shot for nine months now. When I had my first shot I had terrible mood swings and lost a significant amount of weight in the first three months, down to 42kg. I went for my second shot and was told I had to see a doctor in order to get it because I was underweight. My doctor ...

First days of sertraline 25mg?

Posted 3 Apr 2017 by mpbouchama 4 answers

I'm a 24 years old girl, diagnosed borderline personality disorder, bulimia, and social anxiety disorder. I have just started a new medication (Zoloft, also called sertraline) 5 days ago. I take it with food around 7pm. I've been told it would take a few weeks to take effect. I'm ...

I am taking a medicines for menstruation but having this sign of vomiting right after I ate?

Posted 4 May 2017 by Tsukiko 0 answers

Am i possibly pregnant? I felt dizzy and a change in mood swing also

On the pill and been on period for 4 weeks?

Posted 1 May 2017 by flili 0 answers

I'm on Cerelle (single hormone pill) and have been on it for 2 months now. I switched to it from the double hormone pill cause it was causing weight gain, depression and bad mood swings and spots. This pill has been great as all of the previous side effects have basically gone but i've ...

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