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Implanon - Depression after removal?

Hi, just wondering if anyone has experienced depression/ mood swings/ anxiety after removal of the implanon/nexplanon? I have had the implanon in for almost 10 years and had it removed on the 3rd June (2 months ago) and my hormones seem to have gone crazy. I have had one period on the 30th June... read more

How bad can the irritability and mood swings be when taking Phentermine?

My wife began taking 30mg Phentermine in June 2015 and after 5 months moved up to 37.5mg. She does not exercise but we both have a healthy diet. She has lost 30 pounds but she is a completely different person. I looked up the side effects and noticed irritability was on the list, but in the past... read more

Lo Loestrin Fe - Just started pill last week...anxiety and major mood swings?

I started Loloestrin Fe less than a week ago, and I feel like I'm already experiencing depression-like symptoms with this pill. Has anybody else felt like this this early into taking it?

Has anyone experienced mood swings and / or unexplained anger when taking Humira?

My 18 year old son just started Humira for Ankylosing Spondylitis and believes that it may be causing him to feel excessively irritable. He’s trying to decide whether stay on it, hoping these issues subside or to switch medications.

Is lamictal a narcotic, controlled substance or even an opiate?

I was perscribed lamictal 100mg for my severe bipolor mood swings. It helps really, but I jus want to know what catagorey lamical falls under as like opiate, narcotic and or controlled substance.

Effexor - What can you do about the weight gain?

I have been taking Effexor now for two months. I have just increased to 150 mg a day. This drug is amazing! I started on it for perimenopausal symptoms like insomnia and Mood swings. I feel great now! I hardly ever cry now, and sleep pretty well. (Took about a month for that to get better). My main... read more

Vyvanse - Does anyone else get mood swings?

I Have suffered from add since i was a kid and i have just started vyvanse for a few months. I have never been an angry person and since taking Vyvanse I have been so angry at everything and everyone. I went off it for a week and i was back to normal. i just want to know if anyone has suffered... read more

Seroquel - Would cutting a 25 mg pill in half still help a child with their symptoms?

Anxiety, night terrors, mood swings, aggression and ADD are the symptoms. I'm scared to give the 25 mg instant and the 50 mg XR as I don't want her uncontrollably sleeping, and she's borderline diabetic already. Any help is appreciated.

I had been on amitriptyline for three years, for chronic nerve pain in my shoulder.

I started off on just one tablet at night just to numb the pain and to help me sleep. My partner noticed a few months later that, in her words "you have changed, you're not the man I met." I instantly told her that it was utter rubbish and I was still the same man that she had met.... read more

Mood stabilizer + appetite suppressant???

I will be going to see my doctor about two different things. One, I'm sure I'm bipolar. I have the up and down mood swings, delusional thought, paranoia, hopeless then so happy I feel almost high, sleepless. Anyways , I need a mood stabilizer. But, I also desperately need to lose weight.... read more

When will Depo-Provera side effects, such as anxiety and mood swings, leave my system?

I went from being happy and outgoing to sad, anxious, and scared. My last depo shot was on January 3, 2019. With every shot, my symptoms got worse. I only realized this after the 4th shot.

Does Jardiance cause severe mood swings?

My husband started taking Jardiance and he has become very moody, irritable, and aggressive. He is becomes very agitated at the simplest things. I'm not even able to ask him a question without him getting irate with me.

Phentermine - constipation?

The pill works great I can deal with the energy boost dryness of mouth mood swings and all but I've taken it for seven days 3 days straight with no bowl movement I took a laxative it worked but I'm back to same scenerio I don't want to take laxative at all cause I heard they are bad... read more

My Adderall 20mg XR is causing severr muscle pain, headaches, and mood swings.

Should I tell my doctor? I've been taking Adderall 20 mg XR for over 2 months now, and I just don't like what it's doing for me. Severe pain, moody, and I seem overwhelmed more now. I really want to try Vyvanse.

My sex drive still hasn’t returned after removal of Nexplanon?

I had a very high sex drive before I got the implant , when I got it it completely diminished I also experienced bad mood swings . I decided after 3 months I couldn’t cope any longer so got it removed , nearly 1 year later my libido has not returned . I am worried il never get it back .... read more

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