I will be going to see my doctor about two different things. One, I'm sure I'm bipolar. I have the up and down mood swings, delusional thought, paranoia, hopeless then so happy I feel almost high, sleepless. Anyways , I need a mood stabilizer. But, I also desperately need to lose weight. My appetite is fierce . I feel out of control . I can maintain my weight but when restricting calories to lose weight I binge because I am so unbelievably hungry. Even at 1500 calories a day. I eat whole, as close to organic as possible, I work out, I'm in a spiritual program and yet my mood swings and appetite or ( B.E.D) or not getting better. I've put over a year's worth of work on my mind body and soul and it's to much. I'm not getting better in either department. So my question is, do you know of a mood stabilizer that is also a appetite suppressant or a combo that works? I don't want to be like hey doc I need Valium and phentermine because I know those don't mix. Or do they?