My wife began taking 30mg Phentermine in June 2015 and after 5 months moved up to 37.5mg. She does not exercise but we both have a healthy diet. She has lost 30 pounds but she is a completely different person. I looked up the side effects and noticed irritability was on the list, but in the past year irritability is just a small part of what I've noticed. Since taking this medication she has changed. There is so much anger and displeasure not only with me but everyone she works with. The smallest thing can set her off and even if it's dealt with or fixed right away she is unable to move beyond it. She dwells on things often becoming more angry days or weeks after the original issue had already been resolved. There is nothing else I can think of in the past year that could have caused the personality changes I've seen.
Please help me and let me know if anyone out there has seen or experienced similar behavior from a loved one who has taken Phentermine.