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Miscarriage Questions

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What causes bleeding in pregnancy?

Wellbutrin XL 150 mg maybe causing hallucinations?

I just started Welbutrin XL 150 mg sid 2 weeks ago. I am on it for PPD and PPA after an 2nd trimester miscarriage last month. I am a 29 year old female. We also just moved into a new home about 4 weeks ago. Anyways, I honestly was thinking my house was haunted. Until yesterday when I realized I... read more

After taking plan B and having my period I started bleeding again a week later. Is this miscarriage?

I took plan B on July 23rd (about 72 hours late), got my period the next weekend around July 28th and had a light period for a few days (it seemed sorter than usual). Then just recently started bleeding again around August 4th. At first it was just kind of spotty, until last night when it got much... read more

Depo-Provera - can I get pregnant if I have sex the same day I get my provera shot?

had a miscarriage D/C, two weeks later i had my first shot and on the same day had uprotected sex.

Pregnancy - 5-12 NORCO 10/325 a day while pregnant! Please reassure me! I am 8-12 weeks along?

... JUST found out in pregnant, I was completely clean off everything in the month (I'm guessing) I got pregnant (still waiting to for sonogram), but before I knew I was expecting, there was 3-4 weeks I was consistently taking 5-12 a day, along with smoking 1/2 a pack of cigarettes... I'm... read more

Can I be pregnant if Im on the pill and he pulls out (no precum)?

My period finished wednesday so i went back on my pill thursday night and been taking it for two days then i lost my virginity and took my pill the same night. He didnt cum in me, he pulled out and i made sure that my vagina was covered when he was cumming on me. After that i missed my pill on... read more

Is it normal not to bleed much after taking cytotec?

Im 23 years old and im 5 1/2 weeks pregnant. I woke up in the morning to find blood on my undies. I went to see a doctor the same day and he said i had a miscarriage. He prescribed cytotec. He told me to take 2 pills every six hours for 24 hours. I tooke the first round yesterday at 5:40 pm and the... read more

Pregnancy - I am 30wk pregnant n I'm taking cephalexin 500mg 2 in the morning. N at night for a UTI?

... will this harm my baby I'm scared I might lose my baby ever since I've been taking these pill I been worried a lot about still born n miscarriage. I'm only 10 Wks away form delivery she been more quite den usually idk Wat to do any answer

Brown discharge and smelly :(?

I got my depo september 10th after my miscarriage i got the depo while bleeding and a week later it stoped and i havent had a period but last week i wipeed it was pink but i never stainded my self then i noticed this brown discharge and smelly and i know its not normal please help what could it be... read more

Help! After almost 2 weeks on the new implant Nexplanon(the newer Implanon that us miltary wives?

... have to have instead of the old Implanon) anyways I got pregnant on it after almost 2 weeks but didn't know I was pregnant and had a miscarriage. I'm finally over the whole mess a miscarriage makes on your body and am ready for sex again and my question is "I know I... read more

I've been on Nexplanon for almost 2 years, I have never gotten a period since.

I had intercourse about 10 weeks ago, I have had bleeding since but its bad this time. The cramps the bleeding is more heavy and I've had a shoulder cramp for almost a month. Could I be pregnant? Or is it a miscarriage?

Pregnancy - I have ulcer and take folic acid+b+iron which makes me vomit - will it affect the baby?

... and my stomach really ached and i vomit... can it infect the baby? or will lead to miscarriage??

Adalimumab - I am a male who has been on Humira for about four years. I was told that my wife and I?

... will not be able to have children while I am taking Humira as it will cause a miscarriage. Is this true? If so is this permanent ?

Sertraline - 5 weeks in anxiety creeping back in?

I am hoping someone can relate to what I am about to write after having our miscarriage I was diagnosed with anxiety which to begin with I was trying to control without medication but the anxiety attacks and daily struggle was becoming too much so after consulting with my doctor I went on to 50mg... read more

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