My period finished wednesday so i went back on my pill thursday night and been taking it for two days then i lost my virginity and took my pill the same night. He didnt cum in me, he pulled out and i made sure that my vagina was covered when he was cumming on me. After that i missed my pill on sunday night but i took it monday morning right after i wole up. Since then ive been taking my pills regularly without missing one. We had sex again on tuesday but this time i also made sure he had a condom on for extra protection. Ive been feeling pain in my lower abdominal (first the left side then the right), i had some bleeding yesterday and ive been feeling nauseous but didnt vomit. Also my stomach is grumbling a lot the past two days and i dont know what this could be. Any ideas? Im waiting to et my insurance to be able to go my OBGYN but until then im extremely stressed out and that might be another reason for all those symptoms. Ive been looking all the symptoms up and it really scares me.