I am hoping someone can relate to what I am about to write after having our miscarriage I was diagnosed with anxiety which to begin with I was trying to control without medication but the anxiety attacks and daily struggle was becoming too much so after consulting with my doctor I went on to 50mg of sertraline. The first week was hell!!! It heightened my anxiety symptoms so badly trembling, heart racing, awful dizziness, pins and needles and mind racing. After calling the docs back they explained that this is quite common it will get worst before it gets better so I stuck it out. A few weeks in I was beginning to see a difference I felt more at peace alongside chatting with my therapist I felt I was getting somewhere. However this past week has not been good at all I’m back to really bad dizziness, trembling and that anxious fear I don’t understand as it’s now week 5 why am I feeling like this?. I take 50mg at the minute and will be calling the docs again to chat about why this is happening. I wondered if anyone has maybe had similar experiences and have they maybe went up in dosage or did this pass? Any help appreciated.