I have been taking 50mg sertraline for just over 5 weeks now for anxiety and harm OCD.
Weeks 3-4 were my best weeks, I felt I could do anything I wanted, my intrusive thoughts went to the background and I felt I had a new found confidence and it was really great and made me excited about the future.
This week I have just started a new job from home and I thought I was handling the change pretty well, however, yesterday I noticed that some of the intrusive thoughts that hadn't crossed my mind for a few weeks have reappeared and although they are not as intense or making me react in an irrational way, they are starting to stick again.
Is this normal for week 5 of sertraline? I thought I was getting better but I kind of feel like I am going backwards and I really do not want that. I told myself I would continue taking 50mg for at least 8 weeks and then if things are still at this level, increasing my dose to 100mg.

Thank you!