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Does mirtazapine help you sleep?

Posted 11 Jun 2009 by broom 14 answers

I have trouble sleeping and a friend offered me one.

Celexa to Zoloft, better or worse?

Posted 5 Jun 2013 by Tee6759 14 answers

I was recently removed from taking Amitriptiline and Mirtazapine completely. My psych felt those, along with Celexa and Buspar, was a toxic antidepressant combination for me. Now she has switched me to Zoloft 50mg along with Abilify 2.5mg. Ive been having really strange feelings like being high, ...

Insomnia: How to take Mirtazapine (Remeron) 7.5 MG for best results?

Posted 4 Sep 2014 by AmandaU 3 answers

I have insomnia, under what conditions should I take Mirtazapine (Remeron) 7.5 MG to get the best sleep results? On an empty stomach or with a meal? Right before going to sleep or a few hours before? I ask because I recently tried Ambien, which did nothing to help me. I was so desperate for sleep ...

How long does it take mirtazapine 30mg to star working for sleep?

Posted 9 Nov 2014 by ireneba 2 answers

I have been taking mirtazapine 15mg for 9 months for insomnia and that helped but recently been on 30mg and they are not consistent in putting me to sleep should I persevere with 30mg for a few days straight and see if they will start working?also been under enormous stress due to relationship ...

Mirtazapine and weight gain?

Posted 7 May 2013 by jools 2013 8 answers

I have seen a lot of post on the internet about mirtazapine and weight gain. Saying that the medication it self puts wright on you. How can a tablet do that? Surley it is what you eat? I can understand that the med can increase your appetite, so if you eat healthly then you shouldnt put weight on? ...

Mirtazapine - What is a good alternative to Remeron for depression?

Posted 28 Jul 2009 by Ln6368 6 answers

I have taken Remeron for about 5 years along with Lamictal and it has brought my depression to an acceptable level. However, the side affects of gaining weight by always wanting to eat and decreased sexual desire and capability are having a negative impact on my life. I would like to find an ...

45mg mirtazapine,for sleep and depression.the problem,i am sleeping 12 to 13 much,help?

Posted 18 Nov 2009 by graddy tripp 8 answers

i am also prescribed hydrocodone,for arthritis of the spine(dish)as well as clonazepam(anxiety).

Can you drive on mirtazapine?

Posted 4 days ago by Bayford 3 answers

Sorry for the second question

Amprtiylin 50mg and 45 mirtazapine taken for back pain and severe clinical depression?

Posted 15 days ago by Ben-jerry 1 answer

Taken at night for pain and severe clinical depression any info on this combination working. Mirtazapine started 15mg for 3-4 wks increase to 30 and 5 wks in up to 45 for the depression

Is mirtazapine worth taking?

Posted 1 Oct 2017 by Fergusk4 2 answers

I'm on my 3rd week of 30mg mirtazapine - have a great sleep however anxiety levels are still very high if not higher.. has it helped anyone? Any success stories? Trying to remain positive

How long before mirtazapine works for both anxiety and depression?

Posted 10 May 2012 by nich3221 2 answers

I started taking it 16 days ... Ist day I sleep for 12 hours every night and have felt a little better but had a full blown panic attack today and am not feeling the relief I expected. Do I need to be more patient or should I be concerned that it isn't working for me because I still am having ...

Hi! I have been taking mirtazapine 30 mg. per day 4 about 14 years. I have slow tapered it over...

Posted 28 Sep 2017 by Yorkielover 2 answers

... the period of a year when I was put down 2 15 mg. per year. I have now been off it 4 13 weeks and am experiencing horrendous protracted w/d symptoms of chronic insomnia (about 4 hours sleep per week if I'm lucky), burning, tingling, numbness, vibrations throughout body and head, adrenaline ...

Taking anxiety medication mirtazapine?

Posted 27 Sep 2017 by Sanja173 2 answers

I had been taking 15mg of mirtazapine but just recently had my medication raised to 30mg. How long before feeling full effect of medication. It's been about 6 weeks now

Which sedative antidepressants have you found to be effective?

Posted 19 Aug 2017 by cant_sleep01 4 answers

I am talking about one which works more for insomnia than for depression. I have tried one - mirtazapine. It knocks me out for 10 hours without any break. But I do not get a restful sleep. There seems to be some good feedback about trazadone. I will inquire about it. Two others I have read about ...

Mirtazapine - can this brand cause ur memories to blur into one?

Posted 11 Sep 2017 by Princess1993 0 answers

My partner was on this at 30mg perday more than half the time he was sleeping when he wasn't tired and couldn't sleep when he was. He wouldn't remember getting up threw the night and would often mix up things that happens a week ago or so with the day bfore. And had major head aches ...

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