Does anybody have these side effects on 45 mg of Mirtazapine?. my legs feel so heavy, tight, swollen, and my knees are sore in the joints. it gets this bad that I am unable to walk as normal and I have to sit down. I feel like my legs are going to give in on me. my toes feel cold and numb, especially in the mornings. I am in my 60's and have told my GP. she thinks its old age or arthritis, but I doubt that. I have read up about the side effects and it does say less mobility or sore joints and problems with movement. they state this is rare!. I have to follow this up with the Psychiatrist who prescribed this drug to me. I will see what they say. I am not happy that I feel like I am about to lose my ability to walk for longer than say 15 minutes without having to sit down and then the pain doesn't go away after doing that. Please let me know if you have the same side effects and what they did to help you with them,maybe changing meds may have to happen. im not sure. My blood pressure is normal so its not that.