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Can different brand drugs work differently?

Posted 10 Feb 2017 by dea_rw 1 answer

I know this may sounds like a silly question because I am sure they are all the same but I have been taking lamotrigine Lamictal from GSK for my epilepsy and they have been making my fits worse. At 75mg I was having them every night and even in the day (which never happens to me) and then I ...

Bipolar Disorder - I accidentally took a double dose of medicine last night. Should I worry about?

Posted 3 Feb 2017 by Izera 1 answer

... long term effects? Total was 800mg Seroquel, 400mg Lamictal, 200mg desipramine. I've been a zombie all day and have a metallic taste in my mouth

Lamotrigine - Is relapse normal for people on lamictal after 3 months taking it?

Posted 7 Feb 2017 by Nadia2000 2 answers

Hi, it's Nadia again. Has anyone had relapses of depression after only 3 months taking it? I was feeling so good on 300 mg split daily of lamictal. I've been on it for 3 months and then today I felt depressed again with no change in my circumstances. Just yesterday I felt good. I'm ...

My 25 year old autistic daughter is dealing with high anxiety. She on 20 mg of Prozac.

Posted 8 Feb 2017 by Ps061756 1 answer

Do you think 25 mg of Lamictal would help? I'm desperate.

Lamictal - When would an increase in dosage help?

Posted 4 Feb 2017 by LOVE MY FATBOY 1 answer

I was diagnosed with BP about 10 years ago. Was prescribed lamictal first, then abilify was added. My dosage for lamictal is at 200mg an has been for years. Ability was steadily increased for depression. A forced change in My doctor. She has been able to get me off of Abilify completely recently. ...

Weaning off Lamictal. I need advice

Posted 7 Feb 2017 1 answer

I was prescribed it at 25mg and after two weeks to increase to 50mg. Well, to keep it short the side effects of 50 were too much for me. I am trying to wean off, I went from the 50 back to the 25. Was wondering if I should half the 25 s a few days before ending it. Tried calling doctor 3 days in a ...

Asenapine - Diagnosed Bipolar and BPD?

Posted 8 Feb 2017 by Tyler1975 0 answers

I take Lamictal. Recently my psychiatrist added Saphris because I was still having mania as well as depression with suicidal ideation. I was wondering if anyone had any problems with the Saphris. I also take Xanax for anxiety. Just wanted some input.

ECT and Lithium. I changed Pdoc's and my new Dr upped my Lamictal to 200mgs and ordered labs to see?

Posted 17 Jan 2017 by pete amora 3 answers

if I can take Lithium and he also recommended ECT and when I said no he brought up TMS for 6 weeks. My questions are what is Lithium like and is it worth it and does anybody have experience with ECT or TMS. He said I was a very complicated case, does that mean he thinks something but isn't ...

How long does Stevens Johnsons syndrome symptoms last?

Posted 5 Feb 2017 by Ellehim77 0 answers

I stopped taking Lamictal after 4 months and being diagnosed with Stevens Johnsons. It is almost 6 months later and i still have flare ups of hives. How long will this last?

Does Lamictal help with GAD?

Posted 10 Jan 2017 by Kerrichele88 2 answers

I was prescribed Lamictal by my PCP for generalized anxiety after having bad side effects with SSRIs, tricyclics, quetiapine, vistaril, and seroquel. I used BuSpar also, which didn't work for me. I did use Oleptro which worked VERY well, but insurance won't approve. I have been using ...

Lamictal - 300 mg for bipolar depression?

Posted 15 Jan 2017 by Nadia2000 2 answers

I have been on generic lamictal 300 mg for nearly 2 weeks. I feel great in the morning, depressed late am and afternoon, and decent in the evening. Has anyone else had this with lamictal? I'm hoping a higher dose will do the trick. Thanks for any responses!

Latuda for volatile reactions?

Posted 19 Jan 2017 by Mystwaker 2 answers

So I have been taking Depakote now for about 3 months and my doc has dialed me in at 1500mg at night and Lamictal 100mg in the morning, Celexa 20 mg in the morning also. I was also taking Seroquel 25mg at night but it was making me too drowsy during the day. He has taken me off the Seroquel and ...

Does Lamictal Affects Hormone Levels?

Posted 24 Aug 2015 by DMAN123 2 answers

Greetings, I started Lamictal a couple of weeks ago as an add on to Wellbutrin XR. I also believe I was prescribed Lamictal as mood stabilizer as well since I’m titrating my dose up every 2 weeks. Next time I see my pdoc my dosage will be increase to 100 mg. (unless I opt out on increasing ...

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