Hi guys, I am currently on Wellbutrin XR 150 mgs twice a day & celexa 40 mgs. I just started the 25mgs of Lamictal yesterday. However, I wanted to know is Abilify a different class of drug than the ones I listed? Cuz my dr wants 2 start me on a different class, since my depression is resistant! Do u know how long it take or usually take for Abilify to kick in? I couldn't take the higher dose lamictal cuz it seem to have a affect on my skin a little & it scared me! Long, story short, since I stopped the higher dose of lamictal, now on the weekends i stay in the house, isolate & don't leave the house & I want to have the desire to clean up, cook, wash & get out of the house instead of lay down on my couch & isolate! I did that for a whole summer & I did not realize that the depression was the cause!

I don't feel like doing anything on the weekends but sit on the couch & watch TV. I am going back into my shell & isolating again! I had no idea that my meds that I took last year, stopped working & my sadness & isolation came back! I did not know about online depression support groups & I dragged my feet for so long that a whole year passed me by with my isolation issues! All I did was go to work on the weekdays, & lay on the couch all weekend! Of course I called in quite a bit & my patience was low but yet I did not seek help! But now I am going 2 a psych doctor & getting my meds monitored & trying different ones, cuz some of the ones given to me did not help me! I need to do my normal chores & activities, but I don't have that get up & go anymore! It's hard sometimes! Do you guys have suggestions that i can take to my doctor or any advice or suggestions in general???

I need a medication that will not make me gain weight, stop me from isolating, give me back that get up & go energy, give me enthusiasm to get out of the house & enjoy my weekends! Do you guys have any suggestions of what has helped you? ( i already know everyone is different, but I just want some ideas, suggestions, etc.)

The only reason I leave the house on weekdays is because I have to go to work, but if I did not go to work, I would be on my couch on those days also! I have an appt in 2 weeks for my psych doctor & I wanted to see what has worked for you guys & I wanted to know more about Abilify. Please let me know & Thanking you in advance for your responses! bless you all!