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Knee Joint Replacement Questions

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Can I take Meloxicam and Aleve or Tylenol together?

Posted 21 Dec 2012 by happy1964 3 answers

Had Total Knee Replacement about 8 weeks ago. Took this for the 1st 4 weeks, and just got a refill. I had trouble with too much activity & twisiting (snow shovelling) If the meloxicam doesn't take away the pain, what OTC can I take with it?

I hd total knee replacement August 2011. I still have pain is this normal?

Posted 29 Aug 2012 by rainrenaye 20 answers

I am on mscontin 30mg er and mscontin ir 15 mg one three times a day the other four times a day. still in lots of pain. having another t.k.r tomorrow on other knee. I hope someone can give me hope.

Having knee joint manipulation surgery. How long is pain after?

Posted 8 Dec 2011 by rainrenaye 12 answers

I had knee replacement in Aug 2011. Dont have much motion and still in pain. So they r going to straiten knee all the way and bend knee all the way back break up scar tissue while im sleep. I had a very hard time w pain after first surgery because of tolerance to pain meds. I heard this was very ...

Can tramadol cause elevated temperature? How about sweating?

Posted 6 Oct 2010 by ocsusan 7 answers

My husband has been using tramadol after a total knee replacement (3 1/2 weeks ago). He has been having off and on sweating (usually at night) and is now also having off and on elevated temperature (above 100 degrees). He otherwise feels well. Can the tramadol be causing the elevated temperature ...

Knee Joint Replacement - I had a total knee replacement at the age of 22?

Posted 8 days ago by Molly_momma 0 answers

In March or 2017 I was told i had a tumor in my tibia and knee. I was on treatment for 6 months to try an prevent from having a knee replacement at 22. Sadly it didn't work and I had the knee replacement and my tibia replaced as well. I was on a splint from September to December. I wasn't ...

Is it true that spinal stenosis can be so severe and diffuse that surgery is no longer an option?

Posted 26 Mar 2018 by Unhappily retired 0 answers

I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis due to degenerative arthritis 2 years ago at age 58. I also have bulging discs, spurs, and severe sciatica. I have also needed bilateral knee replacements for over 5 years which has compounded my pain. I have constant pain from my lower back to my feet. I ...

Knee Joint Replacement - I'm having a total knee replacement I've been told it's a very painful?

Posted 18 Nov 2017 by hathers8 3 answers

I'm really scared that the pain is going to be so bad ..can someone put my mind at rest and tell me what to expect

Anyone experience knee manipulation?

Posted 9 Feb 2018 by clborrelli 0 answers

2002 had a knee replacement, right knee. 2004 had left knee done. 2006 fell through a deck and right knee replacement broke right leg in 7 places, cast and brace for 6 months - plate and 6 screws in thigh. 2008 had plate and screws removed because of rubbing on scar tissue at knee. 2017 had knee ...

Knee Joint Replacement - when can you shower after a knee replacement?

Posted 27 Jan 2018 by smfvabch 1 answer

I had total left knee replacement Dec. 26th 2017, when can I take a shower without putting plastic over my incision.

Knee Joint Replacement - Hi. I had a partial knee replacement 12 yrs ago. The replacement slipped?

Posted 29 Dec 2017 by Lynn56 0 answers

... and caused my bone to fracture. I recently had a TKR and am doing good. I have RA, also. I have pain and tightness behind my knee. The pain radiates down my leg. Any thoughts what this may be? Thank you, Lynn

I had total knee replacement 18 weeks ago and I can't stand the pain still. I can't sleep at night.?

Posted 19 Feb 2015 by ltgreene 4 answers

... I am in such pain that I cry from around 3:00 A.M. on till after day light. I took 6 weeks of PT and the range of motion was right on the mark but the pain was still there. After a PT session I hurt so bad that night and the whole next day that medication wouldn't stop it. I take 5 mg of ...

Riveroxaban Weight Gain?

Posted 9 Nov 2017 by Ivor57 0 answers

I was prescribed this as a had a blood clot in my upper left leg which became extremely swollen. To my delight it worked and the clot cleared however shortly afterward I had a knee replacement on the same leg which worked fine but on the advice from my GP after dealing with a haematologist (who ...

Knee Joint Replacement - I am 4 months post op TKR. I wake up every day with pain and swelling. It?

Posted 17 Jul 2017 1 answer

... is better. I just want my life back. I also had a bad fall due to my knee and I am 3 weeks post op complete rotator cuff repair. Of course no more pain meds , just ice and prayer. Any suggestions on long term exercises that would help. What about using a TENS unit?

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