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Irritability Questions

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How bad can the irritability and mood swings be when taking Phentermine?

My wife began taking 30mg Phentermine in June 2015 and after 5 months moved up to 37.5mg. She does not exercise but we both have a healthy diet. She has lost 30 pounds but she is a completely different person. I looked up the side effects and noticed irritability was on the list, but in the past... read more

Could "inability to orgasm" be just a temporary side effect of Lexapro?

My doctor prescribed 10mg of Lexapro (generic) for my constant anxiety and irritability. I've been on it five days now and I really like it. I am not worried or snappy and my husband says I'm being much more pleasant. The only problem is both times we've had sex since I started lex I... read more

Is rage/anger normal with Wellbutrin?

I have been on Wellbutrin for 2 weeks, and have had mostly negative side effects, like insomnia, irritability, dry mouth, agitation, racing thoughts and now within the past couple days, I am experiencing extreme rage and emotional instability. I am angry or agitated at the most simplest of things,... read more

How do I get rid of the melatonin side effects?

So I clearly took over the recommended dosage of melatonin (NOT PURPOSEFULLY). I have most of the 'less common' melatonin side effects including mild anxiety, irritability, confusion and short-lasting feelings of depression. And now I want to know how I can get rid of them. I have been... read more

Triple Antibiotic - for jock itch?

After many attempts using powders, creams etc for jock itch for relief I decided to try triple antibiotic. The result is less irritability, good night's sleep and a lot more comfort. Has anyone else tried this method?

Has anyone gained a lot of weight on Lexapro?

I have gained 45lbs in a year from lexapro. I tried to go to wellbutrin but experienced depression and irritability and irate moments. did anyone go from lexapro to another drug that helped them the same way without the weight gain ?

Is it possible to experience withdrawal symptoms in between doses of Effexor XR?

I take 75mg of Effexor XR every day in the morning. Towards the afternoon/evening I tend to experience hot flashes, dizziness, nausea, headaches, irritability, and flu-like sensations (I feel as if I’m sick). I looked up the symptoms online and discovered these are symptoms that one... read more

How long will most of the side effects last with ReClast Infusion?

It has been a month and I still have extreme irritability, shakiness, diarrhea, hair falling out. Doctor gave me Xanax, which helps, but I don’t want to be on that medication forever. Help?

Does Benadryl cause depression?

Can Benadryl worsen depression or cause irritability? I have depression and anxiety and I’m on Wellbutrin. I have terrible allergies and struggle with hives. I generally take Allegra or Claritin but sometimes I have to take Benadryl. When I take it I not only feel drugged out and exhausted... read more

I suffer from anxiety and Atarax was prescribed to me 4 years ago.

I stopped taking it and my anxiety came back because of a lot of triggers, or it was always there but got worse. so I started taking it again. it is the only pill I am taking. one pill is 25mg and I take half at night, but I am irritated and sleepy the whole day. I have anxiety because of all the... read more

Making Sense of PMS

Azathioprine - when coming off this drug, is it normal to have withdrawal symptoms? such as?

... irritability, dizziness, hand tremers or shaking, or the feeling that your entire body inside is vibrating

Prozac - When will this get better need advice please?

I have had a lot of meds change in the last few months due to side effects. I am having severe anxiety, panic attacks, irritability, crying spell. I started Prozac 20 mg about 12 days ago. I am having some weird sensation that I have a hard time to describe. I dont know if its dizziness or... read more

Mirtazapine and incontinence?

I have recently switched from sertraline to mirtazapine. I've struggled with dizziness, irritability and a sense of nothing being real. I am now on 30mg which I take at bedtime. I have woken up this morning absolutely mortified to find that I have wet the bed, something that I have never done.... read more

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