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Will it be harmful to take doxycycline with iron supplements?

I just started taking iron supplements and I also need to take doxycycline for a short periods of time. Will either of the two medicines affect each other?

Is hyper-pigmentation after iron infusion normal?

i recently just had an iron infusion about two weeks ago and i immediately noticed that my skin has turned darker than it normally is. it was a 1000 mg of dark brown fluid and im afraid it has darkened my skin. my eyes have since turned brown too. is this something i shouldve expected and is it... read more

I get a lot of canker sores typically 1-5 at once and very often?

I get canker sores wayyy to often and wayy to many at a time. I've read the internet and how anxiety and stress and low iron or vitamin came cause it. I do stress a lot and do have anxity, I don't bite my gums or anything like that

What do I need to know about Drug Interactions?

Iron infusion interaction and too close?

The oncologist at the hospital infusion myself with Venofer iron 200mg and the next day a different doctor infusion of 500mg fereheme infusion is this safe? Will they interact or is there a danger of too much iron infusion? I have extreme anemia

How much food should I eat when I take my Effexor? I take 150mg of Effexor XR each morning. It?

... makes me antsy, so I definitely can't take it at night. The directions say to take it with food. However, at the time of day I take it, I can't have food containing calcium or iron because of the thyroid medication I also take. So very often I do not eat when I take my Effexor or I... read more

If taking 325 mg of Ferrous Sulfate, and ran out; how many tablets of 65 mg of elemental iron?

would be needed to replace it. The box says something about 220 mg of Dried Ferrous Sulfate.

I have to take 2 325mg iron pills a day, should I take them both a the same time?

I was in the hospital with low hemoglobin and iron... I started at 1 a day and tomorrow I have to start 2. What is the best source of iron? I have no appetite at all..

When to take second iron pill?

I take Feramax 150 for anemia, once a day, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, with orange juice, to maximize absorption. My doctor has now recommended doubling the dose. Should I take both pills together, or the second at night when my stomach would not be empty?

Can having too much iron in your blood cause anxiety?

I have to donate blood occasionally to get the iron levels in my blood within normal ranges, as suggested by my last nurse practitioner, after reviewing my blood test results. Can this condition be causing me to be a more anxious person? What could be causing me to have high iron levels in my... read more

Should I take a Multivitamin/Mineral Supplement?

Is taking 30mg iron daily safe in multivitamin pills?

Is taking 30mg of iron sulphate daily too much or safe for the elderly?

How many mg of B-12 & mg vitamin D3 & mg of multi-vitamins & mg of fish oil taken in a day?

And iron. The lady I take care of is having very bad side effects, like blister's breathing problems and I have been looking up all this stuff and the side effects. Anyways the doctors and nurses won't listen to me she is 86 years old. She takes so pills she is prescribed. And all of them... read more

How do I treat Hypothyroidism?

Ferrous sulfate - what age kids can take ferrous sulphate 325mg?

Is ferrous sulphate 325mg can be given to kids of 12 years age? The Nature Made iron supplement (Ferrous Sulphate 325mg) just says, keep it out of reach of children. If it can be given to 12 year old kids, what could be the dose? Daily 1? My 12 year boy and 15 year girl are almost always slightly... read more

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