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Interstitial Cystitis Questions

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Should I go back to the doctors? I'm on my third day of macrobid and it hasn't cleared up my uti?

I have something wrong with my bladder for sure. Ever since I was sixteen and I'm twenty now I have had bladder problems. They may think it's interstitial cystitis. I'm still waiting to see a urologist... it's been a year and a half now. I usually test negative for any urine... read more

Will I need to take elmiron for the rest of my life?

Has anyone else had hair loss when takin amitriptyline?

Ive been taking 25mg of elavil at bedtime for about 3 months for interstitial cystitis. It does help a little with the chronic pain, but doesnt touch most of my back and pelvic pain. Before i started this i never slept through a night, getting up from 1-10 times in one night to pee. Im currently... read more

My dr. told me that Valerian root would help me with my benzos withdarwls & not having my meds?

I was told to go to a pharamacy and ask for valerian root which Dr. Mattewson said it would help me about my xanax situation. I've been on xaxax for 20 yrs and that's the only meds that help me with my bipolar & epilisey and he aint helped me out any all in the way i know whats best... read more

Will interstitial cystitis cause kidney failure over time?


Hydroxyzine - How long should I expect to experience morning grogginess?

Does the grogginess in the morning after taking hydroxyzine, lesson over time or will I always feel groggy the morning after taking this? My first night taking this resulted in me sleeping for almost 12 hours straight. I'm finding it hard to wake up. Will this lesson?

Amitriptyline - I have been getting very hoarse, losing my voice. Has any body else?

I have also gained weight, vivid dreams, and sleeping a lot. I've been taking it in the morning as I forget at night but am thinking I need to switch. I just saw somewhere that my hoarseness might be caused by it.

Has anyone been prescribed gabapentin for interstitial cystitis (IC), also known as painful...

... bladder syndrome? I have been dealing with IC since 1995. I am going to ask my doctor about gabapentin. I just wanted to know if anyone can share their experience with taking this medication. I started a blog to share my story, and hopefully, support others who are dealing with IC or a chronic... read more

Amitriptyline - amitriptyline does or quit working after 9 months?

I am on amitriptyline for 9 months 10 mg. Wonderful drug for anxiety, depression, Interstitial Cystitis, and gerd disease!! However... it came with chronic consitpation working on getting on the right medication for that I have tried everything almost. So.. I noticed my worrying , anxiety, bladder... read more

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